Abdella of the EPM: The Opposition is not in “NEED” of Al-amin’s Recognition

By Abdulhafiz Yassin M.
Gulf Information Center
Feb. 6,205

Ambassador Abdella Adem, in his first press conference after he held the chairmanship of the EPM last Tuesday, at the Sudan News Agency, violently attacked Al-Amin Mohammed Saeed, the Secretary of the ruling party in Asmara. Mr. Abdella said that the opposition is not in “NEED” of Al-Amin’s recognition. He asserted that Al-Amin is merely a puppet who repeats and confirms the address of the ruling clique. “He is still living with the mentality of the 70s and has no any ‘say’ except executing orders of his power crazy boss,” said Abdella. Abdela added that Al-amin is known, over the course of his age, for creating conflicts and exporting negativism.” The problem with him he never changes and carries out only what is dictated to him,” said Abdella. Ambassador Abdella said that he had felt sorry to read the statements of Al-amin and wondered how he denies the existence of an opposition at the time he knows that all Eritreans are against the regime. “I wish he takes a courageous decision and says the truth: The whole country is in prison,” underscored Ambassador Abdella. Al-Amin Mohammed Saeed, who is treated as a guest even within the party he claims heads, had described the Eritrean opposition as “terrorist groups” which are formed by the Sudan and Ethiopia, according to the Al-Sahafa news paper of the day before yesterday’s edition. Ambassador Abdella Adem said that the Eritrean opposition began to oppose the regime for known reasons. The regime failed, he added, to give up the mentality of revolution period and adopt a contemporary state mentality. That is why, he clarified, it failed to realize democracy, justice; and hence an Eritrean cohesive nation. Moreover, Mr. Abdella said that the regime carried out an extensive arrest amid the state officials who were leaders during the liberation war; and this acts had negative bearings regionally and internationally. “The regime became an element of instability in the region,” Abdella assured. Ambassador Abdella has underscored the firm principles of Isaias’s policy towards the Sudan which is based on “Destabilizing the Sudan by any means in order to divide it into a number of mini-states”. The agendas, Abdella stated, of Isaias toward the Sudan can be understood very easily from his interventionist policy into the Western region and recently in the Eastern region of the Sudan.” He is doing so because he is crazy of power,” said Mr. Abdella. He has, Mr. Abdella said, had an obsession of forming an empire in the Horn of Africa and this had been discovered from his irresponsible and immoral interventionist policy against the neighboring friendly states. Mr. Abdella appealed for the states of the Horn of Africa to deal with Isaias by the likewise principle; and not by condemnation statements. Mr. Abdella Adem said that Isaias has exploited, over the last 13 years of independence, the Eritrean productive labor force for his individual interests.  “Imagine, he had dispatched troops to the region of the Great Lakes where Eritrea has no any direct interest,” wondered Abdella. Mr. Abdella talked, at the press conference, about the future of the Eritrean opposition, Eritrea’s regional and international relations, Eritrea’s relations with USA, EU and about the Peace process of the Sudan and its bearings on the region in general and on the Eritrean opposition bloc in particular. Ambassador Abdella made clear that the multiplicity of organizations in the Eritrean opposition bloc is a positive development since (we) believe in multiplicity; however such multiplicity must have goals and objectives to avoid chaos in the multiplicity process, he cautioned. He added that the Eritrean opposition has progressed through striking an agreement on the minimum programme.

It is recalled that ambassador Abdella held a press conference yesterday afternoon at the Sudan News Agency in the presence of the editor –in Chief of the agency, a number of reporters of the Agency, the Eritrean Media Center and Gulf Information Center.


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