The Eritrean Medical Association

Establishment and Formation:

The launch of the Eritrean Medical Association has been a dream that has occupied the minds of many Eritreans particularly the personnel of the health sector for its importance at a time a team work has become a necessity to provide a better service.

The beginning was, after several meetings and consultations, in Oct.2004, the time the association was registered as a voluntary organization at the Sudanese Humanitarian and Assistance Commission. The association, following its legal registration, held its founding conference that was attended by a considerable number of Eritrean physicians and students of health fields at the universities of the Republic of the Sudan.                                                 

Administrative Hierarchy


General Assembly

Administrative Board

General Secretariat

*The Administrative board holds a periodical meeting every four months

*The General Secretariat holds a meeting once in a month


1. To propagate health awareness amid the Eritrean people.

2. To provide health and consultative services for Eritreans inside and outside the                   homeland.

3. To identify and solve health problems like plagues, and epidemic diseases

4. To look after handicapped and those of especial cases.

5. To upgrade the capacities of the medical cadres




 1. Establishment of health, vaccination and nutrition centers.

2. undertaking of health treatment conveys, research teams and health surveys.

3. Publishing of health periodicals, posters and publications that aim at raising             health awareness of the society.

4. Arrangement and conduct of specialized seminars, workshops and forums.

5. Arrangement of training cycles for the members of the association to upgrade          their capacities.

8. Seeking out opportunities of higher studies for the graduates of the health fields.

9. Contacting similar organizations and associations for the purpose of cooperation      and exchange of experiences and information


Activities and programs

 The association endeavours to do its utmost to provide the best health service for the Eritrean society inside and outside Eritrea.

 And this would be true through having treatment days, environmental campaigns, and medical consultations, care of handicapped, children and pregnant females. Moreover the association does exert efforts to rehabilitate potential medical cadres as well as to arrange academic seminars that deal with health with especial focus on researches and studies that concern about fighting harmful customs like female genital circumcision and dangerous diseases like AIDS whose average spread has reached in Eritrea2.4%.


Projects and Achievements

The association has come up, after the founding conference and its field visit to the refugees’ camps that had enabled it to pinpoint the key, urgent necessities, with some ambitious programs.

1. The project of the charity clinic: The association has established a charity clinic      at its head quarter in Khartoum to provide easy, continuous medical services for      Eritrean students and poor families in Khartoum; in addition to advisory-services     for Eritreans who come to Khartoum for treatment from the Eritrean refugees’        camps

2. The project of the Martyr Yahia Jabr for Health Education: The association has         founded a center for continuous health education. This center aims at upgrading      the capabilities of the medical and health cadres through providing short and           medium term cycles. Moreover, this center would make available a medical            library for medical students.

3. The Emergency project: This project aims at looking after urgent health cases          with a particular emphasis to cases from the refugees’ camps. It aims primarily at      facilitating the transfer of serious cases to hospitals of nearby towns.

4. The project of a settled physician in the refugees’ camps.

6. Making available medicines for patients of chronic diseases and taking                    responsibility of desperate cases which need to be treated outside the republic of       the Sudan.

The association has established its headquarter in Khartoum which would enable it to run its activities. Furthermore, it has inaugurated its charity clinic in Khartoum on May6, 2005


The last note:

The Eritrean Medical Association, as one of the Eritrean civic society organizations, would work with all to alleviate some of the sufferings of our people in the areas of human health and environment. As a result, it calls upon all Eritreans to contribute in order to push forward this charity work for the health of all Eritreans.

 The General Secretariat


            ema910@ hot

Bank Account No: 53453, Bank of Khartoum

                                    Parliament branch

Tel: 00249912379896 & 00249912951957

Short URL:

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