An Open Letter to Eritrean Defence Forces

Dear Eritrean National Forces,

I welcome your efforts to make Eritrea better and safer to live. I look forward that you take

your reponsiblity to defend the rights of the Eritrean people that are the foundations of our society.

At this time when the leadership that has been torturing and treating you inhumanely is now punished itself by UNSC’s sanctions. These sanctions are not directed to you and the Eritrean people but directed to the regime who has been and still torturing and treating you inhumanely. Sanctions imposed on the regime were according chapter seven of the UN charter where the UNSC determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace or act of aggression after making recommendations has taken resolution 1907 against the regime with arms embargo, travel ban and freeze of all its assets in the foreign UN member nations. But the regime in Eritrea rejected all calls and recommendations of the UNSC and instead accused the US as fabricator of this resolution without evidence and legality. The regime immediately started to campaign and mobilise the Eritrean Diaspora by misinterpreting the resolution and ordered its supporters to organize petitions and demonstrations against the UNSC’s resolutions. The regime well knows that resolution 1907 can never be lifted by petitions and demonstrations but the purpose of the campaigns is to get financial support from the Eritrean Diaspora and divert the attention of the Eritrean people from the internal crticial crisis.

Honourable National Defence Forces,

The goal of any defence forces of any nation is to protect the peace and security of its citizens based on the pillars of freedom and human rights but not to protect the authoritarian regimes working against its citizens.

Your role must be promoting peace but not obstruction of peace either internaly in Eritrea and externaly outside Eritrea. The regime in Eritrea considers you as his private army keeping you less professional, without budget living in trenches isolated from your beloved family and people. It was in the interset of the authoritarian regime to isolate you from the people and keep you as his private army. The Eritrean Defence Forces under the authoritarian regime has been kept  with no institutional interset guaranteeing peace and stability at the national and international level but being expolited under false economic investment called, ”Warsay- Ykaalo” unpaid labour without no economic development indicators.

Dear Armed Forces,

The regime has been controlling you by security organs and paramilitary units often been given a central role to cary out its own agenda. The national army has the responsibility to block the efforts of obstructions by the secret security organs and paramilitary destabilising the peaceful life of the people. Similarly, the regime uses different deceptive methods and control the Eritrean people living abroad by promising them a paradise in future.

The recent sanction by the UNSC was imposed on it because of its arrogant and wrong policies that failed in Eritrea were reapplied in its approach with the international community in resolving conflicts. The Eritrean National Forces have the role and responsiblity to ask the regime why and how these sanctions come. The regime has held you as victmes of his aggressive policies at home and with neigbpuring countries since it seized power,  and now with the whole international community.

Dear compatriots!

The Eritrean Diaspora struggling for democratic change call you to play a crucial role to refuse and say no to the regime  and its wrong policies that has been causes of destabilisation at home and in the region and further threat to peace and security of the world. The Eritrean political and civil society urge you to intervene actively to terminate the regime itself and facilitate the transition to democracy.

Dear Compatriots!

You are aware how the regime has controlled the Eritrean Diaspora by intimidating and terrorising in the name of Eritrean national sovereignty and integrity but in reality the regime is just working against the Eritrean National sovereginty and integrity by using all finacial and human resources against you by making Eritrea the haven of international terrorism.

The Eritrean forces for peace, democracy, human rights urge you that you must stand on the side of the suffering people and give a warning to those Eritreans living abroad not to be instruments of their persecutor by giving him financial support and organizing petitions and demonstrations in front of the offices of the UN that gave them asylum rights and the right to live in peace. Such actions can be charged or their asylum permissions shall be reconsidered, because they have link with the international terrorism that is completly forbidden in the world.


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