Red Sea Governor’s Son has fled to Sudan

Eritrean Centre for Media Services (ECMS) –3/4/2005

        As a continuation to the constant flow to Sudan, son of Red Sea zone governor, Ibrahim Totil has fled his country and came to Sudan on 31 of March 2005 reporters asserted from kassala.

The son of the governor named Asrar Ibrahim Totile was a student in the University of Asmara in the department of Health.

His father Ibrahim  Totile was a second man in the Eritrean Liberation Front, head of the Political staff until 1981. After wards he joined the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front and became a member in the  assemble. After independence, he served in different positions and lately as a governor of Red Sea Zone.

Although, the act of Israr has revealed that Eritreans in all levels are in critica situation. Albeit Ibrahim Totile is in a key position, his son’s decision will test his fathers loyalty to the regime analysts say.

Mean while, the flow of Eritrean youth to neighboring Sudan is still increasing,  the number new comers has reached 400 in the past two days, most of them members of the 18th round Sawa trainee.

According to the statistical figure given by the Sudanese commission for Eritrean refugee, the number of new comers in the year 2005 alone has exceeded 4000 peeople.



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