419 students fled to Sudan

Eritrean Centre for Media Services (ECMS) 3/4/2005


The flow of Eritrean youth is increasing,the latest number of new arrivals to Kassala in April has reached 448 our source asserted.

According to the source, most of the new deserters, are students who have taken leaving certificate examinations in Sawa. The exact number of students is 419 out of which 19 are women.

It is to be remembered that these students were made to peruse their 12th grade in Sawa. So that those who score passing grades join the university and those who fail remain in the army to serve in undefined national service.

While answering the reason for their escape the students said, in addition to the forced conscription, students suffer greate depression and helplessness from the harsh treatment that derive many students to madness. “learning unnnder such conditions is meaningless” one of the students said.

Expressing conditions of study, the students said, it is very difficult to learn because of the physical fatigue resulting form heavy military training, moreover, revising lessons in the evening is not possible because of the continious power cut.

Another major problem is lack of qualified and enthusiastic teachers. The teachers in Sawa are university internship service men and women. Hence, unwilling to teach.

Poor health service is another big problem the students said. In spite of all the health problems, their centers are open for only two hours a day. Besides, their personnel are unskilled and forced conscripts at the same time.

Concerning the process of their escape, they said they used the loose control they were given to set for their examination finally. Using that apporunity many of them headed to Sudan. Though, most of them have managed to flee armed forces have opened fire and captured many others, whose where abouts is not yet known the students said.

The Sudanese Government have welcomed and provided us with basic needs in colaboration to the red cresent in the refugee camps of Wedsherifey and camp 26. As the UNHCR remained confined to legal screening.

It is to be remembered that members of the 12th grade students in the military service in Sawa (north west of Eritrea) are form the high lands of Eritrea, while youth from the low lands are trained in Gahtelay military camp(on the East to Asmara), an act purposely done to prevent escape.

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