ELF-RC has celebrated the 41st anniversary of the battle of Togoruba

Eritrean Centre for Media Services (ECMS) –11/4/2005


The Eritrean Revolutionary Counsel has called for the Eritrean armed forces to stand with the oppressed people of Eritrea in the struggle of removing the dictatorial regime in Eritrea in its celebration of the 41st anniversary of the battle of Togorba, here in Khartoum Sudan on the 9th of April 2005.

The executive committee of the opposition party warned those in the power that there will be a day, when, they will pay for their conspiracies to destroy the unit of the Eritrean people. The committee described the act as anti-Eritrean fighter’s aim,  who joined to the field to scarify his life for the sake of his people.

The party also extended its call upon the unified efforts to throw the dictatorial regime in Asmara and maintain the unity of the Eritrean people. Short histories of the heroic acts of the Eritrean Liberation Front were also part of the speech given in the anniversary.

The anniversary was attended by considerable number of delegates that include executive and judiciaries cadres of the parties that comprise the Eritrean democratic alliance.

The cultural band of the party has enlightened the occasion by entertaining the delegates the report said.

It is to be remembered that all Eritrean Liberation front parties celebrate this date as a day of the ’Eritrean Liberation Army’. The battle took place on 15th of March 1964, for the first time in Togoruba, since the start of armed struggle in September 1st, 1961.

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