Two loyal immigration personnel have deserted the Eritrean regime

Eritrean Centre for Media Services (ECMS) –11/4/2005

Two of the most trusted immigration personnel, Jemal Mohamed Ibrahim form Teseney and Osman Faid Adem from Adibra immigration centers, have deserted the regime and fled to Sudan, our sources reported from Wedisherifey refugee camp.

The sources further clarifies that, these two immigration personnel have came to Sudan to rescue their lives, after realizing the preparations that is made to fight neighboring Ethiopia, is almost over.  

According to eyewitnesses, the government has rounded up more than 500 children, from the Gash Barka region, many under the age of 15, under the cover of guiding the escapee and took them to Dahlak and later to Denkel military camp. Moreover, it is trying to arm all men including those who are not trained to raise arms in the gash barka region. The witnesses also said many of those who were forcibly deported from Libya to Eritrea are drowning them selves in the sea, to end up from the resentment   of unbearable heavy punishment in the islands of Dahlak.

The eyewitnesses went on to say, the government officials are making frequent meetings and visiting to the Sudanese opposition camps.

The Eritrean government is preparing for the inevitable war with Ethiopia; even people at the age of sixty are trained and armed. It is to be remembered that the regime has called all those reserves that   are mostly aged and disabled soldiers, back to the army the past month of March 2005.

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