Mr.Hussain: Resistance of the Regime of Asmara is Primarily the Task of the Eritrean People

Gulf Information Center  
May7, 2005  

   The Chairman of the Executive Office of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance has concluded a very important visit to Ethiopia at which he has had intensive meetings with Ethiopian officials on top of  them Prime minister Meles Zenawee and his foreign minister Seyom Mesfun. Moreover , Mr. Hussian had met with various officials  of  Addis Ababa based international and regional  organizations as well as with diplomatic corpses at which he had explained the latest developments in the Eritrean political arena and the efforts of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance to realize peace and democracy in Eritrea.

   The GIC’s office of Addis Ababa has had a cursory interview with Mr. Hussian who has talked about the immediate program of the EDA his meetings, and other points. The following are the excerpts of the interview:

  • The alliance is beginning its third month since its set up. How are things going on inside it?

The executive office of the alliance has finished its meetings .They were important and positive because we have organized the work including the administrative work within the apparatus of the alliance and we have started implementation of the approved work plan of the supreme leadership and setting up of  regulations.

  • What are the bearings which have accompanied the formation of the alliance amid Eritreans inside and outside of the homeland?

 The bearings are positive and there is generally consent for the agreement of the opposition powers to work jointly under one umbrella of the alliance. And The Eritrean people have suffered from the dispersion of the opposition despite its agreement on its hatred for the regime of Isaias. And when it learned that the Eritrean opposition powers’ formation for the EDA, happiness has swept all sectors of the Eritrean people.

  • What is the immediate program of the EDA to resist the regime?

The slogan which has been accredited reflects the program which we want to realize peace, justice and freedom. And our program in the EDA is mobilization of the Eritrean Street to struggle to make true these objectives

  • What is the stance of the neighboring countries of Eritrea and are they standing beside you?

The neighboring countries are suffering from the regime as the Eritrean people are but  resisting the regime is primarily the task of the Eritrean people on top of which the  EDA. I think the Eritrean people are able to resist the dictatorial approach of the regime.

  • Some of the EDA’s statements have stated that the EDA is ready to negotiate with the regime? Are there any indications?

 We, on our side, have exerted our efforts before and after the establishment of the EDA and we are working to make true the objectives of our people by the means the EDA has accredited. And our message to our people and the world is that we are ready to negotiate but we have not yet received any responses from the regime.

  • But the regime has refused negotiation. What will you do?

 Negotiation is one of the means to achieve the objectives and its absence doesn’t mean that we would surrender but rather we would continue and we would use all means which would enable us to accomplish the objectives of the Eritrean people

  • We are about to celebrate the 14th anniversary of independence. What would you say to the Eritrean people?

 I would say  it is time for the Eritrean people to stand behind the EDA in order to put an end for the miserable situation our country is passing through and to celebrate the coming anniversary of independence, freedoms, democracy, justice and equality in Asmara.

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