The Eritrean Government: the Secretary General of the UN acts as if he “were” an Ethiopian Foreign Minister


Khartoum (8 Nov.)-The Eritrean government said, in a statement, that Mr. Koffi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations, acts as if he “were” an Ethiopian Foreign Minister. The Eritrean government has recently begun violently criticizing the Secretary General of United Nations at the time it has moved all its troops, which were along the border with the Sudan, to its border with Ethiopia. The Secretary General of the United Nations, in the mean while, has expressed his deep concern about the deteriorating situation along the disputed border between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

On the other hand, the Eritrean government has accused the Secretary General of involving in the Ethiopian government’s acts against its opposition in Addis Ababa. The press release, which was issued by the Eritrean Foreign Affairs accused, further more, the government of the United States of America for backing up the government  of Ethiopia against its opposition.

The Security Council issued, last week, a resolution that called the two countries to implement the decision of the Independent Border Commission with out any delay and to activate bilateral diplomatic channels. The resolution has called up on the Eritrean government to unconditional lifting for the embargo on the monitoring planes of the United Nations for peace keeping forces along the disputed border; in addition to lifting to the restrictions the Eritrean government has imposed on the movements of the United Peace Keeping Forces at night.

The Japanese ambassador to the United Nations MR. Kenzo Ushima has arrived, in a visit to the two countries, in Addis Ababa in fact-finding missions as a head of the work group of the Security Council.

A Sudanese news paper reported, over the last days, that the head of the Military Council of the Eritrean government has criticized the Eritrean president for insisting to wage a war with Ethiopia.

 It is worth mentioning that Meles Zenawee, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, said to the Ethiopian televisoon that his country is aware of what is going on the Eritrean side along the disputed border; and underlined his country’s readiness to take up necessary procedures to defend its sovereignty.

The United States of America, the African Union and other regional and international actors have called the two countries to be abided by a “self control” spirit and to work hard to put an end for the border dispute by peaceful means.

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