A Sudanese National Narrates His story behind the Bars of the PFDJ

In the PFDJ’s Prison some lose their Consciousness while Others their Life

Compiled by the GIC
August 16, 2005
 Asmara – Khartoum


Sadiq Mohamed Ahmed, from the neighboring Sudan and a father of seven children from an Eritrean lady, had been suffering behind the bars of the PFDJ. He had taken part in the Eritrean armed struggle against the Ethiopian colonialism until he entered Asmara with the fighters. Sadiq, who has narrated the violations he had been exposed to at the hands of the PFDJ in more than a prison through the Sudanese daily al-Watten, says that he had been involving in business after he had got an invitation from  Petros Solomon following the independence of Eritrea. Mr. Sadiq had made clear that he along with some people had opened in Asmara a very big restaurant and was importing the basic necessities of his restaurant from Emirates. He adds that wrong information was given to the Eritrean authorities in light of which he was arrested. “They were informed that I was spying for the Sudanese security,” says Mr.Sadiq. He says, in the long interview he has had with the al-Awattenn newspaper, that he was taken into Dahlak prison for which he describes as the “worst” prison due to the high degree of temperature. Mr Sadiq says that he had been in this prison for three months in which he was subjected into a harsh, horrible investigation. Then he was transferred into the prison of “Trakbee”, in the environs of Asmara after his heart beats were about to stop due to the torture he had been exposed to. Mr. Sadiq makes certain that the temperature of this prison is under zero for it is underground in an area whose altitude is above 2000 m above the sea level. Mr.Sadiq adds that he had passed through different kinds of violations the worst of which was “electrification”. He states that he had withstand the torture of the PFDJ’s  guards and met in the prison of “Trakbee” Sudanese nationals like Captain Walid al-Tum, who is imprisoned on the charge of spying for the Sudanese security. Then after, Mr. Sadiq says that he was taken into the prison of “Wenjl Marmarra” whose upper structures are specialized for escapers from the slavery service of the PFDJ into the neighboring countries whereas the lower structure was occupied for the reformist group”G15”.He added that in this prison he had seen Mr. Mohmud Sherifo, HaileWeldetensaie, Petros Solomon and Saleh Kikya and other Sudanese nationals like abu-Alkhyarat, who is accused for plotting to assassinate  the president of the ruling clique in Asmara in the year 1995, the Sudanese businessman  Mohammed Osman al-Alkhier. Mr Sadiq makes clear that Petros Solomon and his wife Aster are imprisoned in cells which are opposite to each other. He says that the prisoners are passing through a very much deteriorated health conditions and calls upon the international community to interferer quickly to release them.

He says, while speaking about his release, members of the revolutionary committees of Libya like Sief-Islam Qadafe along with the coordinator of the revolutionary committees of Libya Mohamud Abdien  and the Sudanese known lawyer Ghaze Sulieman have exerted tremendous efforts to release me. “They have finally succeeded to release me on the condition to deport me from Eritrea,” Sadiq adds.

Mr. Saidq says that he had not taken even a pence from his money which is estimated by US 400,000.He says that he is resolved to fight the dictator regime as he had fought against the Ethiopian colonialism.



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