Declaration of an Integrative Unity among Three Eritrean Opposition Organizations

Gulf Information Center  
June24, 2005

The Chairmen of the ELF-National Congress, the Eritrean Peoples Movement and the Eritrean Revolutionary Democratic Front (Sedege) have headed their delegations to a meeting that declared, yesterday evening, an integrative unity among the three following two full-days’ deliberations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The GIC learnt that the leadership of the three organizations has had intensive deliberations, discussions and arguments on ways of implementing the programs of the Eritrean Salvations Front which stipulates on an integrative unity among its founders.

However, the Movements of Afar and Kunama have played down the idea of integration due to the difference of their program from the three already agreed to undertake the unification process. As a result the two movements, whose programs call for rights of minorities and self-determination to a degree of secession had rejected to take part at the meeting.

 The leaders of the three organizations have, as the meeting concluded, briefed the governments of the Sudan and Ethiopian about the results of the meeting. Mr Seyom Mesfun, Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, received yesterday evening the heads of the three organizations and exchanges with them views on Eritrean and regional issues. Mr. Seyom Mesfun has appreciated the accomplished progress on the process of integrating the Eritrean opposition factions into strongly well-founded body. “The declaration of an integrative unity through bold and responsible resolutions is a tremendous achievement,” added Mr. Seyom Mesfun, Ethiopian Foreign Minister. “The integration will have positive bearings on the Eritrean opposition’s camp in general and on the Eritrean Democratic Alliance as well as the stability and future of the region.”

Sources of close link to the three organizations have disclosed to the GIC that the organizations have stricken a number of significant resolutions of which the fundamental calls for holding “a founding integrative congress” in a period of about six months.

Furthermore the leadership of the organizations has come to strong conviction that well-founded integration is the true way out for the Eritrean opposition organizations in their strategic alternatives to confront the repressive dictatorship of the PFDJ. As a result they have passed several recommendations of which some call for setting up mechanisms and specialized committees to prepare for an integrative conference.

It is worth mentioning that the already announced integrative declaration would have taken place at the last year’s annual festival of Kassel, Germany, due to the congruency of the programs of the three organizations. However, the declaration was postponed due to the difference of the programs of the movements of Afar and Kunama whose programs are tailored for rights of minorities and self-determination to the degree of secession.

Regional observers believe that such grouping of the Eritrean opposition’s factions into integrative blocs will have positive bearings on the Eritrean Democratic Alliance shake the pillars of the dictator. The most tangible bearing, according to the observers, will be the reduction of the constituencies of the EDA from (16) organizations to (13).Moreover the number of the constituencies of the EDA will be reduced in a very apparent way when the founders of the Eritrean National Democratic Front declare their integration into one body in their “Integrative Conference” of July, 2005 according to their monthly publication, al-wehda. It is recalled thast four of the seven members of the Eritrean National Democratic Front are members of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance

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