The Secretary General of the Ruling National Congress in Sudan: Eritrea Must Stop Interventions into the Sudanese Affairs

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June 29  2005  

Professor Ibrahim Omer, Secretary General of the ruling National Congress party in Khartoum, underscored yesterday that Khartoum is still insisting on the importance of getting back the relationship of the Republic of the Sudan and the state of Eritrea into its right track. However he underlined that this could not become true unless Eritrea lifts its hand from intervening into the Sudanese affairs by harboring, supporting and backing up rebels from all over the Sudan. Professor Ibrahim assured that the retaining of a good relationship necessitates Eritrea’s giving up its present acts towards the Sudan. “We hope that the Eritrean authorities would realize that intervention into the Sudanese affairs will not help them to solve their internal problems and issues of freedoms,” asserted Prof.Ibrahim.

 It is recalled that yesterday the Sudanese Foreign Minister, Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, handed over a written official “complaint” against Eritrea to the Secretary General of the United Nations and the Chairman of the Security Council about the irresponsible acts and practices of the regime of Eritrea that aim at destabilizing the Sudan and aborting its peace process, according to today’s edition of aL-Hayat newspaper of Khartoum. Moreover the Sudanese ambassador to the United Nations aL-Fateh Erwa added that the Sudan looks forward at this situation that the international community would carry out its duties to stop the destructive acts of the Eritrean regime towards the Sudan.

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