Harron appreciates the EDA and blesses the unity of the Salvation Front


Khartoum(Sept.30,2005)-Ibrahim Harron of the Afar Movement  talked to Gulf Information Center the time he arrived to Addis Ababa assessing the recommendations and the resolutions of the last conference of the Central Leadership of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance, his organization’s Relations with different Eritrean political organizations and his Organizations  attitude towards the declared  three-party integration .Mr. Ibrahim has, in his talk, appreciated the results of the EDA’s central body’s meeting; describing the meeting  as, “ historical and will engender typical transformations in the course of the EDA.” Mr.Ibrahim said that the EDA is the best  national umbrella which would enable the Eritrean people to realize democracy in its country; adding that the recommendations and resolutions which were adopted at the meeting  were characterized  by accountability and were in accordance to the demands of the Eritrean people. He added his organizations has excellent relations with all the Eritrean organizations which aere struggling to get rid of the dictator regime in Eritrea; indicating to the success of the EDA in establishing a united work in the media, diplomatic and political areas.
”The address, today, has  become united,” Ibrahim said. He expects hat the EDA’s members will integrate all the crucial apparatuses like-security and communication- under the auspices of the EDA. He called all the Eritrean people and powers to unite their efforts to face up the “ about to topple” regime of  the one-man regime.

Mr.Ibrahim, while talking about his Organization’s attitude towards the salvation Front, said that his party had participated at the formations of the Salvation Front; adding that his organization would like to keep its peculiarity of “ethnicity” and is not enthusiastic to  integration. “The leadership also has no any authority to dissolve the organization  and enter into integration.”

Harron said that his party supports the three-party integration considering it  a national achievement. He said that the three organizations of the Salvation Front are closer to his party for they agree on the maximum limit program for the charter of the salvation Front states the right of  “Ethnic groups’ which is among the main objectives of his organization struggles for. “This makes our relations with the three organizations of an especial dimension,” Harron  said. He said he had met with the chairmen of the three organizations  and overcame some disparities which appeared over the last months.

He has  denied  an occurrence of splits and differences within his organizations confirming that he has met with all leaders in his party. “ They assured for me their support  for the legitimacy of the party,” Harron said. He downplayed the importance of some published statements emphasizing his party unity. He called for sorting out any difference that happen within the context of the organization which has already frozen the membership of two “members”. One of the members has recently published  statement for which Harron  says represents him self. He added that he has held  a direct meeting with the other person and  expected that  the personal difference will be resolved within the mentality context which the organization’s leadership adopts every where. He disclosed his readiness to hold a  conference in a  very short period of time. “The leadership of the organizations will meet to put the final touches for holding a conference and it is the right of any one to express his opinion in the conference. He said the masses of the organizations support the adopted resolutions.


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