The Secretary General of the Eritrean General Workers Association: The PFDJ has dispersed the Eritrean Labor Force.


Gulf Inform ation Center 

March 14,2005  

The Secretary General of the Eritrean General Workers’ Association, Mr. Mohammed Ali Fikeh, has violently criticized the destructive attempts of the Eritrean regime in the Eastern region of the Sudan. Mr. Mohammed said that the PFDJ’s approach never reflects the tradition of the Eritrean people towards its Sudanese counterparts. “Both peoples have distinct historical relations in all aspects,” added Mr. Mohammed.

 Mr. Mohammed uncovered, in a long interview with the Sudanese al-Hayat newspaper of today’s edition that the Eritrean Workers Association has made clear its stance against the regime of Asmara and joined the opposition camp. Mr. Mohammed added that the regime of Asmara has been exporting instability, with out justifications, to the neighboring countries. It had waged wars that cost much for the state of Eritrea and the people. He underlined that the Eritrean Workers Association has been presenting the destructive policies of the regime in different international forums particularly the forums of the International Union of Workers at which the Eritrean Workers Association is a member. He added that the regime of Asmara has refused to partake others in power. It is adhering, he stated, to policies that diametrically contradict with the principles and values of the Eritrean revolution. The PFDJ has distanced Eritrea from its regional and international circumference through its policies of suppression, terrorism and targeting, he added. Mr. Mohammed said that the regime has created an unemployment environment and compelled the Eritrean labor force to leave their countries for different parts of the world especially the neighboring countries.


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