Indeed we made it through

But, still a good way to go

Eritrean Congress Party

July 30, 2005

It has been already announced that the UNITY OF SEVEN, the Eritrean Democratic Front has developed into a solid party namely Eritrean Congress Party.  If information is power, then this declaration, a success first of its kind is part of it.

Under our thoroughly digested slogan that in our situation power can only be gained through relative unity, we made it through.  But, when we say there is a good way to go we mean that unity belongs not to those who signed on a peace of paper by virtue of signing, but to those who act together on the forthcoming responsibilities by virtue of acting.  We are only at the start of an endless travel that requires confession before we jump to promise. If we want to make progress and earn trust from our people, we need to confess on our experience and be ready to promise for our future. Unity a word echoed by almost every one but, has almost never been taken conceptually serious can only be kept in track by promise founded by confession followed by action.

We will need to cleanse undemocratic behaviors, inappropriate approaches among ourselves and others and open a tunnel of trust that will give us access to the gate of our people so as to be able to convey our democratic message. Thus, we will be of a meaning to be accepted as instruments of unity.

There will be serious questions to answer, some of them already forwarded by GIC (Gulf Information Centre) such as: Is it a real unity?  How do you justify its continuity? What message do you have to our people? Etc. More can be added like what is your strength? How do you attract our oppressed people? How do you penetrate the fortress of the enemy? When will be victory at hand? Etc.

Most of the above questions have been answered by respective authorities of the Eritrean Congress party. But, to supplement, the editorial board that works under the Information Office of the Eritrean Congress Party (ECP) has more to say.  Our vision and strength emanates from our clear political program, openness and transparent approach to the public, dedication to the common goal through common instrument of success (Kidan), determined analytic measure of the enemy (PFDJ) and friends of the opposition, philosophized political understanding of a dictatorial system and democratic change, surrender to the aspirations of our people, uproar against the dictatorial system in full capacity, address issues in their reality, admit our weaknesses and cultivate ourselves every day.  These and much more will lead us to the heart of our people the only power that can demolish the fortress of the enemy converting dreams into reality and assuring victory at hand.

We the Eritrean Congress Party (ECP) had a plan at individual organizational level that helped us to reach to where we are today. Relatively speaking, it was clear and conveyed to the public openly through all available means. It worked and we will have a plan now that will have to work.  As clear as our declaration, we have already started transforming a failing tradition into a winning one. For years unity has been a slogan of mixed actors with mixed messages.  It is time now to open a segregated account for every separate nature of act.

To us (ECP) it is time to pave and repave the avenue of marching together with every democrat in every corner of the Eritrean Diaspora.  It is time to start investing on the infrastructure of unity rather than expanding fragmentation. It is time to fish democrats and be ready to be fished by them. It is time for a wake up call to a stranded mind. It is time to boost the opportunity of a democratic thinking and demote the feelings of a hopeless bankrupt tendency to “let’s make a deal” with the enemy of our people. It is time to build a strong family of a democratic class.  It is time to build and strengthen our united front (Kidan) from a strong unwavering democratic position with clear and solid objectives.

We in the Eritrean Congress Party (ECP) forward our voice and call saying: come into the family of democratic union and do what has not been done before.  We are starting a fresh take of our time ever, to dissolve every disintegrating trend and evolve integrating one. We have begun a travel of no turning back.  Who ever wants to slow down on his/her own free will remains to be a victim of his/her own tendency. Every individual should contribute to develop a body of think tank to strengthen solidarity of democrats.  A single slide to a disorder will push us to danger and will keep us away from our strategy of victory (our people).

At every opportunity, the ECP will dedicate its progressive efforts to the Eritrean Alliance (Kidan) to mould any discrepancy and imbalances that creates inconvenience to every member.  A strong party means a strong impact in the united front (Alliance) was (is) our slogan.  We will do our best to accomplish the rest addressing facts to the Eritrean people and the World until they embrace our opposition.  Indeed we made it through but, still a good way to go.

Hope followed by success to our people

Glory to our martyrs!!!

ECP Information Office (Editorial Board)

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