File No: ER/011/05

Date: November 2, 2005

Press Release

In declaring the birth of the Eritrean Refugees Association [ERA], during these critical times in the Eritrean refugee’s history, we the founding members of the Association (ERA) have been closely monitoring the situation of the Eritrean refugees in Sudan, particularly the miserable life of the recent migrants in Khartoum and have chosen to introduce a unique contribution to the debate of resolving our country’s chronic social problems (refugees’ problems). We have chosen to state the truth, in the most objective words, that the Eritrean refugee is in a desperate need of life saving mechanism; a mechanism that deals with his tremendous day-to-day problems that he is passing through in all aspects of life. We, the founding members, have decided to come up with a new perspective and approach that will try to convey the every day problems of the Eritrean refugee to the national, regional and international humanitarian actors to get the necessary attention; an attention that would, at least, assist him to make true his dream of a prosperous life.

We are Eritreans, who are living through the bitter circumstances the Eritrean refugee is facing in Sudan; and we have had a taste of the all –out obstacles that are impeding the Eritrean refugee to enjoy what the international humanitarian conventions have stipulated regarding the rights of a refugee.


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