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– What was the rational behind the decision for both Ali Salem and Ahmed Raji to use media outlet to convey their views? And what did gain or otherwise lose from publicizing thoseviews?

  • What about the timing? Was it appropriate for both writers to raise and discuss those thorny issues at this point in time?
  • Is it really the case that Saleh Ghadi Johar is the only Muslim thinker who masters writing in English, as it is claimed by some writers in Tigrinya?
  • What is trying to achieve in accommodating articles for writers such as Ali Salem, Ahmed Raji and others? and what has been accomplished so far?

    – What are the consequences of administering an outlet that pursues honesty and integrity in a world that is dominated by wild ideologies and political concepts an theories?

– What is Saleh Ghadi Johar’s perspective about both the concept of national partnership within the national context and what about the common destiny?

– The recent articles publicized in were among the top topics in Eritrean diasporas homes, including issues relating to land and power sharing. Evidently opinions were split among those who support the writers and those whose views clashed and wrote against them. There are also those who believe the issues raised by the writers were genuine requiring addressing, however who argue that the timing is not right.

  • For all these the above questions and burning issues, the Eritrean Arabic Room will host Mr Saleh Ghadi Johar for Live and open discussion.
  • Day: Saturday, 14 / 10/2009
  • Time: 9.00 pm  GMT

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