The Eritrean Opposition Concludes its Conference in Khartoum

By Abdulhafiz Yassin Mohammed  
Gulf Information Center
Khartoum, 22Jan.,2005

The Eritrean opposition organizations have concluded their inclusive conference by signing on the modified charter of the former Eritrean National Alliance in the presence of  high level representatives of the Sanna Cooperation Axis’s countries, national and international media outlets. The first salient point, which the concluding  statement of the conference involved, assures the establishment of an inclusive political body which is based on multiplicity and tolerance with out excluding any one, a system of governance that guarantees the rotation of  power in a peaceful way ,a system that protects and respects human rights and assures the prevalence  of justice and equality among the Eritrean people. Moreover, the second most significant point of the concluding proclamation involved authorization of a political charter, seriousness of its vision and the agreement on the firm national principles which have be guaranteed  by a  national constitution. At the time the third point dealt with authorizing the organizational hierarchy of the democratic alliance; the fourth point underscored the formation of a provisional secretariat to carry out the remained tasks of structuring the body of the newly created political entity.

In his address  for the concluding session the chairman of the conference, Mr.Hussian Khalifa the, has appreciated the efforts of the heads of the opposition organizations to strike the historical agreement. “What has been done, so far, is a historical achievement.. Every one has cooperated to realize this historical occurrence,” said Mr. Hussian. He has pledged to implement  the agreed upon terms of the charter and to defend powerfully the provisions of the charter. “  We have to defend the  clauses of the charter for the reached agreement represents a strategic alternative for the opposition powers,” said Mr.Hussain. Mr. Hussian has clarified that the remained issues are only of technical relevance and will be handled in the forthcoming meeting. Moreover, he has appreciated the efforts of the Gulf Information Centre and the Sudanese Media Center for highlighting the deliberations of the meeting for the public.

On the other hand, the representatives of the  members of the Sanna  Axis for Cooperation have delivered a laconic speech at which they have congratulated the heads of the Eritrean political organizations for reaching a historical agreement which would be a base for a coordinated, joint work of the opposition for the realization of  a national goal. Most of the speakers have considered the reached agreement among the diverse political organizations a positive step and strong push in the course of the struggle for a well-rooted democracy and sustainable development in Eritrea.


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