The Eritrean Peoples’ Party Declares its Official Birth

The Provisional Chairman of the Party for the GIC :

*The Ruling Clique in Asmara is a Well Organized Chauvinist Group

*The Eritrean Peoples Party has a well formed Confidential Network inside the Country  


By Abdulhafiz Yassin Mohammed  
Gulf Information Center


Feb.14, 005


  In a significant development in the Eritrean opposition arena, a new political party, whose leadership had held high positions in the government of the ruling clique in Asmara declared yesterday its official birth. The Eritrean Peoples’ Party’s founding members have concluded their meetings and consultations which went on for about four months formed a transitional leadership of five members. Thus, Mohammed Nur Digual has been chosen to chair the executive body of the new party. Mr.Digual has attacked violently the ruling regime in Asmara in his first telephone talk with the Gulf Information Centre from Canada. He has warned that the policies of the ruling clique in Asmara would lead to a complete demise and destruction of the homeland. He said that the provisional leadership of his party has conducted comprehensive deliberations and discussions about the Eritrean situation and came up with complete political programme to handle all the problems of Eritrea.  Digoul said that the leadership of the new party had contacts with the defected members from the PFDJ and  joined, at the beginning, the Eritrean Democratic Party; however it has found that the EDP adhering to the policies of the PFDJ due to lack of transparency. The leadership of the EDP is shaped by the old mentality of the ruling clique in Asmara. “We didn’t have a ‘say’ in the national pivotal issues and we found our selves not synchronizing with such approaches,” said  Mr.Diguol. The EDP, he underscored, has come up with a completely different programmes to our political conviction starting with their criticism for the experience of the PFDJ, and their assessment for the regime.” There is a typical sameness in the projected ideas and demands of the EDP with the jailed reformists,” said Mr. Digoul. However, the Eritrean Peoples’ Party aims at, he stated, a profound change and radical uprooting of the ruling clique in Asmara for reforming and partial change of a corrupt regime would not work out at all. “Since an everlasting and sustainable solution for the problems of Eritrea lies in is its eradication,” said Mr. Digoul.  Mr. Diguol has attacked violently the PFDJ saying that it has failed to run the state. The ruling regime, he added, is made up of well organized chauvinist group. “It is very difficult to call this group ‘a regime’ for this name is inconsistent with the self-centered policies of the ruling individuals,: he added. Mr.Digoul has welcomed the new alliance of the Eritrean opposition (EDA) and considered it a ‘typical transformation’ in the right direction. Mr. Digoul underscored that the regime has been deriving its strength from the weaknesses of the opposition; and the agreement of the opposition on the minimum programme would lead to the convulsion of the Eritrea people around the opposition bloc. Concerning his party’s inclusion to the Eritrean oppositions’ inclusive body, Diguol said, that they would agree on the minimum programme, unification of the political and media address and on finding out a joint mechanism to remove the regime. “We may differ with the other organizations in our remedies for the problems,” he asserted. He has, moreover, criticized the policies of the regime particularly the land policy which his party considers “Possession of the people.”  Mr. Digoul has called for the cancellation of the constitution of 1997and demanded the Eritrean mass’s participation in the formulation of a new constitution. Mr. Digoul said that his party has well organized confidential cells inside the country and would work to polarize the youth in Sudan and in the other parts of the world; and called the Eritrean people to mob against the ruling clique.

It is recalled that Mr.Mohammed Nur had joined the Eritrean Peoples Movement in 1962 and worked in it until 1970; the time at which he  decided to join the Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front .He became a member of the central Committee of the EPLF from 1980-to-1994.He had participated at the Second and third conferences of the EPLF. He had been appointed ‘mayor’ of the town of Nackfa in 1990. Later on, he became the state minister at the ministry of the labor and signed Eritrea’s inclusion into the International Labor Organization. He participated in the formation of the first confidential network that opposes the policies of the ruling clique in Asmara. He visited in 2003, at the time he was a consular of Eritrea in Saudi Arabia, the Sudan and transferred to Canada after he was granted a political asylum in Sudan. He joined the EDP and took part in a number of meetings among the Eritrean oppositions in Khartoum and also with the Sudanese officials. He is the first Eritrean diplomat who applies for a political asylum in the Sudan in contrast to the other diplomats who have applied in the Western states. Moreover, he was the first Eritrean diplomat who has attacked the ruling clique in Asmara on the Sudanese national TV as a prominent leader in the opposition bloc and the EDP

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