Statement of Condemnation

We the members and supporters of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA) have received the news of the London terror attacks with great dismay and horror. We condemn such acts of terrorism and indiscriminate killing of innocent lives and the destruction of properties.

The EDA is an umbrella organisation of 16 Eritrean political parties and movements that aspire to achieve rule of law and democracy in Eritrea. The EDA has been struggle against the yet untold abuses of human rights consistently committed by the self-imposed despotic regime of President Issaias Afeworki and his party PFDJ. Mr. Afeworki repressive rule and warmongering regional policy led Eritrea into war against its neighbouring countries and left Eritrea at its worst ever economic and social crises and unpredictable political situation the country has ever seen. These, has left Eritrean youth with no choice but to flee their country and seek asylum around the world. We firmly believe in demilitarising the heavily militarised Eritrea under Mr. Afeworki’s rule. 

The EDA enjoys the support of the wider peace loving Eritrean people and the governments of Eritrea’s neighbouring countries, who have deep interest in seeing Eritrea realise peace, justice and democracy after decades of civil and cross-border wars. 

We stand by the UK and all the pro-democracy countries in the fight against terrorism! We are willing to be contacted for on-going and future cooperation.

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