Bi-weekly Gazette. December 2006. No.10




  • Journalists die in prison 
  • Journalists: Many jailed, others defect
  • Number of political prisoners increases to about 38,000
  • Four mothers imprisoned
  • 40 Infantry men diffect PFDJ
  • Soaring prices of food items
  • PFDJ’s confiscates more money and properly
  • Additional humanitarian organizations expelled 
  • Eritreans to convene various meetings





Journalists die in prison 


Among those many journalists who had been to driven prison since January 2001, three have died while in prison. Reporter Without Boundaries dispatched from Paris that the three victims of the regime who died in prison are the following:

–         Said Abdella Kadir of the ADMASS newspaper.

–         Yusuf Mohammed Ali of the TSIGENIAY newspaper, and

–         Medhanie Haile of the KESTEDEMENA newspaper.

GULF NEWS CENTER, quoting the dispatch from the Reporter Without Boundaries, expressed its deep concern over the fate of the other journalists who are still suffering in prison. It added though advocates of free press and journalism the world over had been reminding the oppressive system that the journalists be given fair trial, all efforts to that effect has fallen on deaf ears.

Journalists: Many jailed, others defect

According to ASMARINO, security agents of the dictatorial regime have jailed ten journalists who have had long duration of service and vast experience in the government’s media. This new wave of jailing journalists has victimized several notables including Ahmed Badga, Daniel Mussie, Temesghen Abbay, Simon, Paulos Kidane, Fetya, Senait Tesfay and Yemane Haile.

It is to be recalled that about a week before the imprisonment of the above mentioned victims several highly esteemed journalists including Michael G/Medhin, Malias Berhe and BitsAmlak have defected its media. Many concerned Eritreans are of the belief that the evil system is taking such desperate measures to decimate journalists when it suspects them of working “underground” and by so means to threaten others from following suit.

Number of political prisoners increases to about 38,000


Quoting high military commanders, TEGORBA dispatched that the number of political prisoners in Eritrea has grown to about 38,000. According to the source, the prisoners are not allowed visits by relatives or international humanitarian or human

rights organizations. It also reported that most of the prisoners, because of lack of medication and nutrition, are vulnerable to various diseases. TEGORBA confirmed that most of the political prisoners are former PFDJ executives, journalizes, and followers of various religious denominators.

Four mothers imprisoned


The above source also revealed that from the localities surrounding Gash four mothers were put in prison in Bishuka, on account of “their deliberate involvement in helping their sons escape the country”. Their names are

Alima Ankur, Mandely Hamd, Aluda Galin and Maria Wiyan. Prior to the abduction of the four mothers, but only a week earlier four mothers and a father all from Ugana locality have been driven to Bishuka prison for the same baseless allegations made by the regime.


40 Infantry men diffect PFDJ


Forty infantry men of the 12th core of the armed forces have on 21 October 2006, defected the PFDJ regime and crossed to the Sudan with all the arson in their possession. The news dispatched by MESEL

BIHERAT, reported that among these who defected include senior officers and commanders of various military forces.

In a separate incidence, two Eritrean nationals who live in the Sudan were abducted by the regime’s soldiers upon their return from visiting their families in OmHajer, Eritrea. The event took place on 28 October 2008, in a locality known by Badamit. The same dispatch asserted that the age of the abductees is 15 and 16 years respectively. Their whereabouts is not known.


Soaring prices of food items


The current price of consumable commodities is increasing at an alarming rate. According to TOGORBA, the price of food items in particular has become

unbearable for the already impoverished population. TOGORBA lists down the current price of food items as follows:

No. Item Qty. Price(Nfa.)
1 Sorghum Quntal 1,080.00
2 Barley 1,200.00
3 Wheat 1,000.00
4 Maize 1,050.00
5 Beans 2,700.00
6 Lentils 1,800.00
7 Oil seeds 2,000.00
8 Taff 2,700.00
9 Garlic 80.00
10 Cooking Butter Littre 270.00


PFDJ’s confiscates more money and properly


The reckless regime has jailed 30 civilians under the pretext of “their illegal engagement in foreign exchange” .

According to GEDAB among those accused and in jail, notables include Gebre-Amlak, Wedi-Fitewrary and Berhe James who own modern electronics firms and other massive wealth respectively. More than eager to confiscate their wealth and property, the impoverishing die-hard system will have every stone turned to justify the crimes “committed” by these individual victims.

According to the regime’s Proclamation 101/2005, these “criminals” will have to be fined Nakfa 2 million each. This will not of course include other harsh corporal and psychological measures of punishment.

Four of those in Jail on individual count possess more than 70 million Nakfa each and therefore highly attractive and readily available prays for the predator regime to swallow any time it wishes.

Additional humanitarian organizations expelled 


Diplomatic sources in Asmara, have confirmed that the dictatorial regime has since Nov. 2006, expelled two more humanitarian organizations i.e; the International Rescue Committee and the Samaritan Purse. It is to be recalled that the oppressive system had already expelled USAID, an American humanitarian agency and no less than eleven other organizations that had been operating in Eritrea for several years.

According to Reuters, the government may have resorted to such measures to demonstrate its discontent with the international community for its unwillingness to pressure Ethiopia abide by the rulings of the Border Commission.

Eritreans to convene various meetings

TEGORBA disclosed that beginning Nov. 18 2006 various meetings are scheduled to be

implemented. Major high lights of the meeting will include presenting educational lectures that would essentially focus on the current conditions in Eritrea. The objective is to inculcate in the minds of the Eritrean audiences the true nature of the obnoxious regime and the desperate situation they find themselves under its brutal system.  

The German-Eritrean Association for the promotion of cultural ties will on the meetings to be held, present a much awaited issue entitled “What is Eritrea”, depicting past and present political conditions in the country.

In a related news, but in the same day, a conference of Eritrean parties opposed to the one-man dictatorial system will be held in Oslo, Norway, in which all Eritrean residents will be free to participate.

It is hoped that both the meeting and the conference will have a strong positive bearing in shaping and formulating a constructive strategy that would up-grade the on-going struggle being waged to topple the oppressive system.

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