Eritrean al-Nhada party commences its founding conference


KHARTOUM (Jan.6)-The Eritrean al-Nhada party begun its founding conference today Friday in Khartoum under the slogan, a “NEW ERA, NEW THOUHT,” in the presence of representatives of a number of the Eritrean opposition organizations.

Mr.Beshr Mohammed Hassan, head of the preparatory committee expressed, at his opening address, the party’s gratitude to the turn out for attending the opening session; assuring the PFDJ’s sticking to the policy of ,”divide and rule.” “The PFDJ has involved Eritrea into a number of wars,”stressed Mr.Bashr.

He added that the Nhada party gets out with the founding conference into a new perspective of freedom which plays down narrow tribal perception. “I call upon all Eritrean people to join this party,” added Mr.Bashr.

Representative of the Sanna Economic Forum stressed the Forum’s readiness to support the newly commencing party. “This party would help in making true the hopes of the Eritrean people,” emphasized the representative.

The provisional chairman of the party, al-Nur Mohamed, pointed out that the party would cooperate with all Eritrean political organizations, particularly with the members of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance for the wanted change democratic change.

He criticized the ruling party of PFDJ for exploiting the resources of Eritrea for the part’s objectives; condemning the policy of exclusion which the party follows against particular ethnic groups by coercively integrating them into other ethnic groups. “The PFDJ brought about negative changes in the Eritrean social map,” noted the chairman. “It dispersed the legacies of the Eritrean people.”, who has urged the Eritrean to struggle to change the tyrant regime in Eritrea, thanked the Sanna Economic Forum and Eritrean political organizations for backing up the evolving party of al-Nhada.

The party received a number of telegrams from different parties of the world especially the Middle East, USA, Europe and Australia. The party has already started its closed sessions which are expected to finish on Sunday, after tomorrow.


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