Indigenous Afar People Fight Ethnic Cleansing By Ruthless Eritrea Military Junta

By Abdullah A. Ado

(RSADO) The Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization carried out yet another successful operation on a FURI military base, in Central-Dankaliya, inflicting heavy damage to the military as well as personnel of the repressive Eritrean Regime.

The Afar Movement is fighting to defend the rights of its citizens in Dankaliya region, where the indigenous Afar people are facing a protracted and systematic marginalization and ethnic cleansing to the brink of Extinction by the ruthless and lawless PFDJ-military junta.

A RSADO spokeman said “The indigenous Afar people are known for bravery and resilience towards any oppressive occupation in the past, foreign or otherwise. We consider Issayas Afewarki and his Gestapo like PFDJ-military junta regime acting amidst us like a foreign entity on our soil. This autocratic regime continues to brutally subjugate our Afar society by thousands to toxic and unbearable levels of atrocities including heinous killings, disappearance and mass expulsion into refugee camps in neighbouring countries.”

“Hence, we, the Red Sea Afar communities see Afewarki’s tyrannical regime and his discriminatory policy out to get our land, sea-shores, the sea itself and our natural resources in favour of the elite ruling classes in Asmara who have failed miserably to govern the entire Eritrean people. Instead, these elite groups have joined Afewarki’s Pariah state that continues sponsoring conflicts and terrorist activities in the entire Horn of Africa; and now all along the Red Sea coastal areas.”

RSADO’s insurgency group has killed 17 enemy soldiers, wounded 20 soldiers, seized caches of ammunitions and varieties of enemy guns, and took total control of the camp for hours until it retreated to its clandestine base. This incidence has hit hard the PFDJ-junta soldiers’ moral to an all time low level due to pressures exerted during the hours of attacks and the soldiers’ own fear of not knowing the regime’s future, inability to maintain and fund forces. It is likely that many of these Eritrean soldiers will defect, given the opportunity.

The Chairman of RSADO, Mr. Ibrahim Harun, stated: “We have increased our military campaign towards the Afewarki regime simply to shorten its life line by causing significant losses on his military installations across Dankaliya and even beyond. Just this past New Year’s Eve, RSADO, in collaboration with our partnering pastoral societies from ENSF have carried out massive operations outside Dankaliya including Sanafee, Akale Guzay, and Area.

Here after, we will not subside our military campaigns until the dawn of realizing a Democratic Eritrea; where every citizen and every ethnic group including: Afar, Kunama, Saho and other disenfranchised ethnicities within Eritrea obtain their decentralized rights to govern their respective societies in a federated regional democracies where each indigenous community exercises its inalienable rights and represent its constituencies in an all inclusive Eritrea”.

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