Eritrean al-Nhada Party: Jebertta is an ethnic group with distinct peculiarity, culture, and tradition


KHARTOUM (Jan.8)-The Eritrean al-Nhada party, which began the deliberations of its founding conference two days ago, has concluded its sessions this evening in the presence of representatives of the Eritrean political parties, Sanna Economic Forum, and Eritrean press people on top of which journalist Mohammed Taha Twekel.

The concluding statement of the evolving party vividly included many remarkable recommendations among which adoption of democracy and direct election in the administrative and organizational processes of the party, accreditation of the principle that determines the duration of the chairman of the executive office as two terms, political pluralism and peaceful rotation of power as a basis for political work in Eritrea, recognition of the cultural and social diversity in Eritrea as well as the right of every ethnic/cultural group in determining its identity and entity, support of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance to develop it and to contribute effectively in its program, highlighting the “ Jebertta” as an ethnic group that has distinct peculiarity, traditions ,customs and culture as well as accreditation of the principle of cooperation and peaceful coexistence with the neighboring  countries.

The founder of the party Mr.Awel Khaier attributed the necessity of the evolution of the party to the policies of the ruling party in Eritrea that has excluded and ignored a large group of the Eritrean people. He said that the tendency of excluding others has not recently begun in the Eritrean political arena. “It goes back to the period of the armed struggle,” noted Mr.Awel Khaier. He stressed that the failure of the existing political parties to absorb the large Eritrean group which he declined to name it explicitly as a major factor that has motivated and speeded up the formation of the  Eritrean al-Nhada party.

Mr.Awel said the idea of the party emerged in Sudan. “However it got support very quickly from Eritreans in different parts of the world,” he added. Mr.Khaier stated that the party would cooperate with all Eritrea political powers to ensure equality and justice among all Eritreans. “The party would stand at an equal distance from all parties,” emphasized Mr. Awel.

The participants have elected  Mohamed Idris to chair the executive office of the party.

Journalist Mohammed Taha Twekel, in his short address at the session, congratulated the Eritrean Revolutionary Council on the smooth and institutionalized power transfer in the aftermath of the sudden pass away of the late martyr Seyum Obgba-Micheal. He added that every Eritrean has a full right to struggle for retaining his rights. “What makes different the Eritrean al-Nhada party is the participation of females in a large percentage as well as the youth,” stressed Mr.Twekel.

Mr.Herui Tedlla Bairu said that the Eritrean al-Nhada party has come up with a courageous program that should get acceptance from Eritreans.

Representative of the government of Sudan clearly pointed out the readiness of his government to support the evolving party. “I hope that this party would get its way onto the Eritrean Democratic Alliance with out obstacles,” emphasized the representative.

The notable thing in the conference was the occupation of young people many seats of the conference hall. Moreover, a large number of young females were seen taking part at the conference.

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