National Dialogue Conference is a qualitative transformation


May9, 2006(KHARTOUM)-The third ordinary meeting of the Supreme leadership council of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance has agreed upon holding a national dialogue conference; and held the Executive Office the responsibility of carrying out all necessary preparations including studies and setting of the time and place of the conference. The conference will be a qualitative transformation in the course of the Eritrean opposition. The sponsorship of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance for the national dialogue conference gives the conference national dimensions. The idea of the conference came up in the Kassel Festival of the years 2003 and 2004; and a coordination committee was formed to work hand in hand with the Eritrean Democratic Alliance to enhance the democratic transformation in Eritrea.

Conduct of national dialogue is an important issue; however it needs a good preparation and conduct of preliminary seminars to enlighten the Eritrean public about the objectives of the conference in order to ensure its success. A holistic preparation would guarantee the success of the conference that can be held either before the demise of the regime or after the demise of the regime.

Some people have started to think that such a conference will bring about an abroad established government as well as a national parliament as an alternative for the PFDJ’s regime. Whereas others believe that such a conference has nothing to do with the formation of a government since it would deal with national principal issues for peaceful  coexistence, power and wealth sharing, citizenship, lands, rights and duties, assessment of the previous experiences and  many other vital issues. Such a conference is expected, to produce a national reference outline through concluding decisive resolutions.

Some people are sensitive to holding such a conference because they believe that such a conference might result a negative outcome; however it would have a very positive results in the destiny of a democratic Eritrea provided a good preparation is done. As a result an accreditation of holding the conference is a good decision in the right direction. The Eritrean Democratic Alliance should present a complete proposal about the conference; and Eritreans from various fields – politicians, lawyers, academicians, media people, civil society organizations and others- should contribute to promote the conference.

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