Afwerki attacks Sanna Assembly for Economic Cooperation


May14,2006(KHARTOUM) In an abrupt way, the newspapers of Addis Ababa have accused the Eritrean government for standing behind the last explosions which the Ethiopian capital city, Addis Ababa, exposed to last Monday that had taken lives of four Ethiopian citizens and about 42 others wounded. The explosions targeted public transport buses, private minibuses, some cafes, the premises of the Ethiopian airlines and administration of electricity in the center of Ethiopian capital city. No body has declared its responsibility of the explosions; however the newspapers of Addis Ababa have pointed the accusation finger at the Ethiopian opposition coalition which takes Eritrea as a base to carry out its plans of overthrowing the Ethiopian government. The official newspapers said that the members of this coalition are trained in Eritrea to carry out its destructive, damaging plans in the era of the third democracy since the collapse of the Derg regime in 1991.

The last bloody explosions in Addis Ababa have taken place prior the meeting of the two countries committees that are expected to meet in London after two days to discuss ways of getting out of the border conflict trap.

In other development, the Eritrean television has rebroadcast the meeting of the Eritrean regime’s president Isaias Afwerki with the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Council in which he violently attacked Sanna Assembly for Economic Cooperation. He said, in his meeting, that the Sanaa Assembly for Economic Cooperation is a failure because, according to him, the assembly has been established to target a sovereign state. He added that the assembly threatens regional states like Eritrea and Somalia. Moreover He attacked the alliance of Sudan and Ethiopia; adding that Ethiopia has a plan to control the region.” We refuse any Ethiopian hegemony over the region,” Afwerki stressed in his meeting with the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Council that had lasted for more than half an hour. “Ethiopia is conspiring against Somalia because it doesn’t want any existence for a Somali state since it considers any Somali state is jeopardy to Ethiopia.”

 According to Afwerki the Sudanese government has exported an organized terrorism to the neighboring countries and also plotted for assassinating of the Egyptian president as well as to overthrow the Eritrean regime. He said the events of September 11 have saved the Sudanese government from collapse because, according to Afwerki, it has disclosed all its records about terrorism ;adding that the Sudanese government has one more chance to  get back to rationality and the  right track.

Afwerki has also talked about the conflict of islands between Eritrea and Yemen and directed less tense criticism to the Yemeni government.

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