Amar: A man with unique leadrship charisma


Feb16.(ADDISS ABABA)-A delegation of the ELF-RC-  has recently had  a visit to Ethiopia being headed by its  new Chairman , Amar Weldeysus, who succeeded his predecessor the late Seyom Ogbmicheal. This is the first visit for Mr.Amar ever since he has chaired the ELF-RC. Mr.Amar who had taken over the leadership of the Revolutionary Couuncil completed his study at the university of Addiss Ababa where he had studied Journalism and Mass Communicution.He was among the first Eritrean students who had founded the first Eritrean cell for the Eritrean Liberation Front in Asmara amid Eritrean  students. That was exactly at Lual Mekunen Secondary School in the mid of 1960s. The time Amar moved to the university of Addiss Ababa ,he had also  participated in the estabilshment of similar Eritrean Liberation Front’s cell amid the students.

Friends,acquintnaces  and colleagues of Amara have had always appreciated the steadfastnees of Amar while defending the just cause of his homeland,Eritrea.He was among the  first Eritrean journalists who had done all-out they could to propagate the just cause of the Eritrean people in the world,especially in the English speaking world. He joined the Office of  Information of the ELF in Bierut,Lebanon, in the year 1975.He  had lived the  truimphs and defeats of  the Eritrean Revolution until he was elected a  member of the RC  in the the third congress in 1989.In the year 1990, he worked with the United Nations in Iraq;however, his work with the UN didn’t impede him from contributing effectively in the national domain.

Amar has always been admired by his comrades  and fellows for his unique capacity and outstanding roles in the Eritrean national  struggle for liberation and democracy.He has very vivid stamps in the Eritrean historical record which demonstrated that he has always been stuborn  about the principles that he has strongly believed in.That is why he has been fighting  the tyrant regime in Asmara whenever and wherever.Not because he likes fighting, but  the dictator regime has turned down the principles Amar is fighting for:Justice,Equality and Democracy.

Amar who has demonstarted, through the course of his struggle, unique characteriztics that  every public leaders should  have, would be a valuable figure in the leadership equation of the Eritrean opposition; a leadership  that would  strengthen the Eritrean opposition to face strongly up the regime of the one man in Eritrea.

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