An American security delegation holds meetings with some Eritrean opposition organizations


KHARTOUM(Jan.17,2006)-In an unprecedented step, an American security delegation held a number of meetings with two Eritrean Islamic opposition organizations this month in one of the member states of the Sanna Forum for Economic Cooperation.

The action is considered a new initiative for the American administration which received , in the past, leaders of some Eritrean opposition of a” democratic tendency” and whose background goes back to the ruling party in Eritrea.

An informed source disclosed to the GIC that the important meetings  of the high level American security delegation with the two Eritrean Islamic organizations comes as a result of the developed  cooperation between the United Stats of America and the Sanna Forum for Economic Cooperation. ” the  member countries of the Sanna Forum are considered old allies for the Eritrean opposition,” emphasized the source. ” And it has been able to gather all Eritrean opposition factions  under the one Umbrella of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance.”

The source, who appreciated the American sep, added  that the two parties have exchanged views about the developments in Eritrea. “The meetings themselves are considered a quality  transformation in the American orientation,” stressed the source.” it came itself to see and listen to the developments in Eritrea.”

The source added that the American delegation had a  field visit to make a precise perception about the Eritrea situation from a nearby.

It is worth mentioning that the American administration has always been following the Eritrean affairs through the Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, it has recently begun to change from the old policy; an act which is considered a trouble-making step to pillars of the Eritrean regime.

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