Khaliefa: Eritrean communities in Europe play great role in disclosing the practices of the dictator regime


March 28,2006 (Khartoum)-The Chairman of the Executive Office of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance disclosed to the GIC that his visit to Sweden was positive adding that he had met with officials of the Swedish Government and members of the Swedish Parliament. The Chairman said that the Swedish officials he had met with had full information about the Eritrean political reality, particularly the practices of the Eritrean dictator regime. “I hope that Sweden will support the Eritrean people in its struggle for democratic change as it did during the armed struggle,” stressed Mr.Khaliefa.

The chairman of the EDA said that the activities of the Eritrean communities in Sweden have played a tremendous role in feeding the Swedish public opinion with the facts of the Eritrean political arena.

 Concerning his visit to the United Kingdom, the chairman of the EDA said that he had held meetings with British officials in charge of the file of the Horn of Africa, especially Eritrea.” It was really very important meeting where we exchanged views about the development in the Eritrean political course,” emphasized Mr.Khaleifa.

The Chairman of the EDA said that he had held a seminar for the Eritrean communities’ in Britain where he had dealt with the latest developments in the course of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance. Besides, he said that he had met with various media outlets and Eritrean public figures including Mr. Abdella Idreis and many others.

Regarding the meeting of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance’ Supreme leadership Council, he said that the meeting will take place in its scheduled time and place. He added that the head of the Supreme Leadership Council of the EDA has notified all the members about the meeting; appreciating the preparations for the meeting. Concerning the membership in the EDA, he said that the Supreme leadership Council is the only concerned body that sorts out the point of membership of any political party/organization.

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