London talks between Asmara, Addis Ababa fails


April 30, 2006(KHARTOUM)_Delay of the Eritrean regime’s delegation to the meetings of the Border Commission which was scheduled to take April 28, 2006 in London, had led to the cancellation of t he meeting. Informed sources have disclosed that t he sponsoring parties for the Algiers Pact between the two conflicting countries of Eritrea and Ethiopia has arrived in London. However they were surprised by the non-arrival of the Eritrean at the time the Ethiopian delegation arrived.

The meeting has been postponed until the end of the month of May to give the American party more time to persuade the Eritrean party to take part in the meeting, according to statement released by the United Nations. The statement attributed the delay to the health problem which has swept the chairman of the Border Commission to save the stance by give time for the international mediators.

Earlier this month, the Eritrean government has refused to meet with Ethiopia party, through a statement released by its cabinet, unless the demarcation of the border takes place on ground. It is worth mentioning that the American party had failed to conduct meetings with the Eritrean officials due to the exchange of accusation between Eritrea and the American administration.

In related development, the Eritrean government has refused the call of the UN Secretary General’s envoy for humanitarian affairs to the region of the Horn of Africa for distributing hand outs to the starvation- stricken worth one hundred tones. The Eritrean president has informed the UN envoy that t he relief would be distributed as wages to the civil servants of his government.

Informed sources said that the envoy of the UN Secretary General declared that he had failed to convince the Eritrean president to free t he held relief; adding that the Eritrean president had told him that his government has incorporated the relief to its program of national food security at the time the UN announced that one third of t he Eritrean people are suffering abject starvation.

 In a similar course, the media has violently continued between the two conflicting government of Eritrea and Ethiopia which coincided with the arrival of the Japanese president to Ethiopia; warning the latter to the first from enduring the consequences of supporting the Ethiopian opposition as well as bore Asmara the responsibility of the last explosions in Addis Ababa.

The Eritrean government has called on about 15 ambassadors in a step t hat might to a fresh reshuffling.

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