Eritrean civil societies intensify their pressure against the PFDJ regime


March31,2006(KHARTOUM)-Eritrean anti-Torture and Tyranny Group that includes 15  groups from among civil society organizations, media outlets and human rights  associations has submitted a memorandum about the atrocities of the dictator regime  in Eritrea against the Eritrean people to the US administration, Canadian  government, European Union and  the Japanese Government. The memorandum is also about to be submitted to the Australian government.

The memorandum, which was signed by 4.781 Eritrean from all over the world expelicilty, discloses the brutal acts and practices of the one-man government in Eritrea in all  aspects of life, especially in the human rights and freedom of speech domains. The memorandum demands the governments of the mentioned countries to impose restrictions on the movements of the officials of the Eritrean regime, give up cooperation with the tyrant regime, none-provision of any cover  up for any type  of business/exchange dealings with the Eritrean regime, stoppage of any loans to the regime and release of all prisoners.

The movement of the Eritrean various civil society organizations against the dictator regime in Eritrea is a potential input in the course of the Eritrean opposition, particularly in such  a concerted way. Because such a mob against the one-man government might engender changes in the policies of the international key players towards the dictator regime in Eritrea, as observers noted.

The American administration receives, for the first time, the frontage of the Eritrean civil society organizations to listen to the sufferings of the Eritrean people after the latter’s adoption for the modern approach of addressing concerned, influential actors like the superpowers in order to draw their attention to the plight of the dispersed Eritrean people across the world due to the acts of the dictator regime.

It is worth mentioning that the Eritrean websites of Awate, Asmerino, Eritreana and Farajat have participated in collecting the signatures of the Eritreans from different parts of the world.

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