Yet again, Eritreans in Melbourne are preparing for their 5th FESTIVAL OF RESISTANCE to confront the PFDJ sponsored “festival of deception” as we prefer to descript it. We wish the Melbourne Demonstrations organising Committee best of luck in this years campaing. We endorse the activities and ongoing campaigns carried out. The ruling regime has nothing but disrespect for our art and culture. We have set out in our first year of demonstrations to do our best to reclaim our culture and stop PFDJ from distroying it. We have stood strong and we will continue till we see justice restored in our Eritrea. The suffering of Eritrean youth is continuing to get worse, we take this opportunity to encourge our young people in Melbourne to make a stand. Our ways to deal with these crisis may differ, but doing something is better than just watching crimes take place and innocent souls suffer. Be it through letter/fax/email campaigns, joining the Festival of Resistance, or calling the Embassy and just express your disapproval of the regime, this is not too much to as for is it? Remember, it is the duty of all of us to speak out against injustices and crimes no matter what. On the 5th & 6th January 2007, we all have this opportunty to do just that, let has make use of this opportunty. We encourage all those attending the Resistance Festival to wear cultural dress and prepare to celebrate. Bring drums, musical instruments and anything that will help us show our love for our culture and make us all have fun. PACE & JUSTICE TO ALL Rowaa Mahmoud Hassab

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