A message of Solidarity to Washington DC demonstrations

To the courageous demonstrators

It was with great pride that we have followed your plans for conducting these courageous and blessed demonstrations against the dictatorial regime and what it represents from crimes and oppression of our innocent people. Your initiative is a huge moral boost and show of solidarity to the just cause of the Eritrean people. It is a step that will assist our people in bringing justice sooner and shorten the life of the dictatorial regime.

We wish you the best in your peaceful campaigns and congratulate your positive role in showing leadership and highly admirable organization of your campaign. The way you have conducted your campaign is inspirational to all Eritreans to follow your example.

These demonstrations bring a ray of hope to our injured and oppressed people. For these demonstrations to take place in one of the most important capitals of the world will have a positive impact in raising awareness and putting pressure on the oppressive regime.

Your global solidarity movement comes at a time when our people are in need for a united message of hope and support from those of us more privileged and enjoying freedoms in democratic nations. Your voices will echo all around the world and no doubt will send shock waves to the regime in Asmara. We take the opportunity to encourage all Eritreans around the world to bless your initiative and we declare that we are with you all the way.

It is know to all that Eritreans in Melbourne have been organizing demonstrations against the regime in Eritrea for five years, and we are proud to inform the world that we will not stop till we see justice for our people and again this year we have commenced our preparations for our annual resistance rallies.

Let our people rejoice as a new era of resistance has begun.

Just as we have seen the success of demonstrations in South Africa, we wish all success to the demonstrations in Washington DC.

Melbourne demonstrations organizing committee

29th October 2006

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