Eritrean Independence Day Celebration Report

By  ELF and  EFDM  Sweden

 Saturday 27th  May 2006,  The Eritrean Liberation Front and the Eritrean Federal Democratic Movement in Sweden have organized a seminar during the occasion of Eritrea’s independence in Stockholm commemorating the sacrifices and sufferings of the Eritrean people during the liberation period and now under the dictatorial regime of one man rule.

The celebration was opened by Mr. Salih Sabah- Eritrean Federal democratic movement central committee member. Mr. Salih, in his presentation, pointed that this day is not to say congratulations but to remember it as a day of” indication” that the Eritrean people is not yet liberated. It is a day of the defeat of the Ethiopian occupation army but no other achievements for the Eritrean people to congratulate with, Mr. Salih stressed.

Mr. Idrissay M. Osman- chairman of the EFDM Sweden Branch in his turn addressed the participants briefing the brutal actions of the dictatorial regime in Eritrea since independence. This independence was the result of the Eritrean people’s struggle but was hijacked by a clique led by Essyas the engineer of divisions and conflicts.

The Celebration was held under the theme, “ What has the Eritrean people achieved after the defeat of the Ethiopian occupation army?”

Under this theme, Mr. Ibrahim Abdallah from the ELF- member of the legislative and Mr. Fesseha Nair of the EFDM delivered speeches.

Mr. Ibrahim in his speech analysed the political violence of the dictator and its oppressive and brutalities against our people. The regime in Eritrea is holding our people as hostages or in captivity and enforcing their relatives in diaspora to pay ransoms. He discussed in detail the current situation and the ELF’s vision and work plan to relief the Eritrean people from this captivity of one man rule.

Mr. Fesseha Nair of the EFDM presented his speech addressing the public welcome to the day of marking of the 15th anniversary as a day of sorrow and grief. Mr. Nair confined his speech in four main points:-

  1. The result of political parties at the eve of 1950 and the UN
  2. The result of the armed struggle- who is the loser and who is the winner?
  3. The survival of Eritrean sovereignty and freedom of the people
  4. Prospects of peace, reconciliation and development in Eritrea


Mr. Nair discussed widely on the four points by focusing on historical facts.

The historical points he picked out were instructive in terms of the past and the present situation the Eritrean people are facing. His discussion focused on the process of the struggles of the Eritrean people for their democratic rights have always been rejected by those who come to power. Nair concluded his speech by calling the Eritrean people to take part in the struggle against the dictator as they have struggled against the occupation of Ethiopia.

Discussions and debate

The discussion was actively shared by all participants enriching the theme of the seminar. The ideas presented by the speakers were further debated and developed addressing the political, economic, social and psychological distorting situation of our people under the sadist regime.

The 15th anniversary of the Eritrean independence day was a marking day and an on- going inventory where we learned the dialogue process for advancing democracy and speeding the fall of the dictatorial regime in Eritrea.

Finally, the participants have collected contributions estimated about 500 USD dollars for two ELF Schools in Kassala- Alnahda and Alaidoon.


Organising Committee

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