Political Resolutions The 6th General National Congress of ELF-RC

Taking note of the awfully deteriorated condition of the our people due to the wrong policies and the exceptionally poor governance of the dictatorial regime in Eritrea;

  • Fully aware of the urgency to take action now to avert the threats to the very survival of our country and its people;
  • Considering the timely need to forge a leading force that can bolster the activities of the Eritrean political opposition;
  • Convinced on the necessity of establishing an all-inclusive,  effective and  strong mass party that can accomplish the tasks of the current stage and beyond;
  • Aware of the prevailing popular disgust against the excesses of the regime and the resistance shown by the youth to the wide-ranging abuses in the country;
  • Conscious of the painful and ever increasing isolation that our people and country are plunged to because of the wrong practices and policies of the dictatorial regime in Eritrea;


The 6th General National Congress has, therefore, adopted the following political resolutions:

1.                 The ELF-RC hereby manifests its rededication to make dialogue succeed among Eritrean citizens and political forces. The leadership of the organization is mandated to implement this decision.

2.                 Likewise, the ELF-RC leadership is mandated to pursue unity efforts that can go up to organizational mergers with sister organizations that possess related programmes and correct political visions for Eritrea.

3.                 The 6th Congress affirms that the ELF-RC shall play its positive role in expanding and strengthening the EDA, in enhancing the EDA charter to become acceptable to all partners, and to do all what it takes to develop the alliance into a viable instrument of change.

4.                 The 6th Congress decided that the ELF-RC works for the establishment within two years of an all-inclusive mass political party.

5.                 The Congress entrusted the new leadership with the task of giving special attention to the task of mobilizing in the opposition camp to Eritrean women and especially the Eritrean youth, currently fleeing the country to escape the abuses of the dictatorial regime in Asmara.

6.                 The new leadership was also tasked by the Congress to engage in an intensive mobilization and information work aiming to awaken the Eritrean army and the people inside Eritrea against the dictatorship.

7.                 The 6th Congress keenly studied the plight of Eritrean refugees and demanded the new leadership to strengthen and revitalize bodies concerned with the services of refugees.

8.                 The new leadership of the ELF-RC is required to put additional efforts in its diplomatic and media activities to win international support for the Eritrean political opposition camp.

The 6th General National Congress,

 The ELF-RC 23-27 July 2006.

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