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We, Eritrean Community members in Sheffield, are issuing this short press Release following our successful demonstration to explain for all concerned people both Eritrean Citizens, and the United Kingdom people and government that we staged a protest a meeting called by the Eritrean Ambassador to the UK with Eritrean refugees residents of Sheffield. It was held in Sorby House, 42 Spital Hill Burngreave, Sheffield S4 7LG on the 19th February 2011.

 The meeting was organised, coordinated and presented by both Association of Eritreans for Mutual Assistance in Sheffield and YPFDJ the young version of PFDJ of the Eritrean Regime among the refugees here in Sheffield.

The venue was already advertised in Selam Internet Cafe on Bird’s Bridge run and owned by an Eritrean Refugee in Sheffield and on

The Venue is booked by Eritrean Embassy, a “Community under Association of Eritreans for Mutual Assistance in Sheffield”, whose most refugee members are blind supporters of PFDJ or members of the Eritrean embassy in UK. The reason why we protested is because the meeting’s main aim was to raise fund, the fund that has no accountability her in UK and will fall into terrorist stationed in the horn of Africa or other international terrorists. These kinds of funds have been used by dictatorial security agents in Eritrea, government’s secret agents in UK and strong allegation by fundamentalists in the Horn of Africa.  Association of Eritreans for Mutual Assistance in Sheffield are associates of Eritrean Embassy in UK, are part & parcel of the Asmara regime who is currently ruling Eritrea (People’s Front for Democracy and Justice, PFDJ) is one of the most brutal regimes in Africa. 

The Eritrean people have been inhumanly killed, detained illegally: in unknown detention centres, for unknown periods of time usually under appalling conditions. Those detained and their families do not know why they are detained and they are not allowed contact with their loved ones, often held incommunicado without ever appearing or being brought before court. Among those victims are including journalists, religious and political leaders. 

Other aim of the meeting was to cover up the inhumane crimes unleashed by the regime, collect money from Eritreans in the UK and besides use the generosity of UK to divert it to their purpose. For example Association of Eritreans for Mutual Assistance in Sheffield is run by Eritrean refugees in Sheffield whose members are agents of the regime. Concealing under an Association to justify their presence to qualify for applying UK tax payers’ contributed money as Funding, they were awarded a great deal of money from Sheffield City Council in July 2010.  In fact its members are involved in illegal money laundering, act of terrorising Eritrean refugees and deception or fraud. Incidentally Association of Eritreans for Mutual Assistance in Sheffield Eritrean, YPFDJ and the PFDJ are neither transparent nor independent. Who dares to ask for accountability and transparency are subjected to humiliations & labelled against government & people of Eritrea. We strongly believe that such organisation should not be encouraged and should receive the strongest message from all democratic & civilised organisations.

We have been calling the Eritrean government to respect basic human rights for a while now but with no success.  We feel that it is now time the Eritrean regime realise that barbaric or terrorist regimes will not be welcome to Sheffield and use venues, assets and wealth of honourable British people that have a history of defending the basic human rights. After so many years the international community has realised that the regime has links to international terrorists but we would like the People of Britain in general and the inhabitants of Sheffield who have a history of the first to offer the City of Sanctuary in particular,  to show solidarity with the oppressed by joining us in our appeal to call for banning any future activities called by the Eritrean ambassador to the UK in Sheffield nor awarding any more funds to the Association of Eritreans for Mutual Assistance in Sheffield.

Furthermore, we call on the UK government to do more to offer Eritrean refugees living in Sheffield and elsewhere more protection. More importantly closely monitor the illegal activities committed by the Eritrean regime’s supporters who has been granted Refugee status pretending to be genuine asylum seekers but instead are involved in criminal acts like extortion of money and threatening others. Such kind of people and their acts should not be tolerated and if needed we can cooperate with the British government in any way to identify those accomplices of the regime here. We feel the asylum system has been abused by them so we call for the UK government to reconsider their asylum cases and if they are found in conducive for the Public good their Refugee status or British nationality to be revoked.

We also strongly condemn the immoral acts committed by Sister Eileen Keating of Holy Catholic Church in Sheffield who offered knowingly the church’s premises to host the ambassador on 19/02/2011 against the moral principle of the Catholic faith.

Eritrean Community’s call is for justice, for the release of journalists, political and religious prisoners, for the respect of the very basic human rights.

You can refer to an objective information human rights reports on Eritrea for an independent confirmation

UN slams sanctions on Eritrea over aid to Somali insurgents

The dignity and respect of human rights is a cause worth supporting.  I respectfully urge you to respond to our appeal.

Eritrean Community Members in Sheffield


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