Eyewitness to Al-Jazeera: Gaddafi’s militias abducted hundreds of Eritreans


A fugitive eyewitness from the city of Tripoli in the border area between Tunisia and Libya mentioned to Al-Jazeera satellite channel in its daily Harvest Bulletin on March 9 that the militias of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi kidnapped hundreds of Eritreans and were moved by cars to unknown destination.

When resisted and refused to go, they were told by the Gaddafi’s militias they will be deported to Italy, and there are ships waiting  to transport them there. The young eyewitness who testified to the Al-Jazeera TV, that the Eritreans who were kidnapped never came back and have disappeared since the abduction and no one knows their whereabouts. Another eyewitness spoke about the executions made by the Gaddafi’s forces.
It is expected that the lives of the hundreds who have been abducted are at high risk especially if they refuse any service requested by the blood thirsty militias of the Gaddafi’s regime.

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