Stockholm -Sweden: International Women’s Day Celebration Report

By Organizers

 The Eritrean Women for Integration and the Swedish Eritrean Partnership for Democracy Colourfully celebrated 100th  years anniversary of the International Women’s Day in the City of Stockholm.

A series of events have conducted during the evening of 6th March and early morning of 7th march 2010.

The Theme of this year’s celebration was on Women’ and children’s rights- challenges and opportunities that they face at this time in Eritrea under the brutal regime of one-man rule.

The keynote speakers were Mrs. Elsa Chyrum head of the Human rights Concern Eritrea from UK/ London and Mrs. Meheret Dawit head of the Eritrean Women for Integration Stockholm / Sweden.

Mrs. Elsa Chyrum discussed on the complex trauma that often occurs with the wide persecution and human rights abuses committed by the brutal regime in Eritrea. She further analysed how the Eritrean refugees suffer on their way to flee from persecution and in their first asylum countries.

Mrs. Meheret discussed on female genital mutilation as a violence against women, its historical background, how it affects the life the girls. She deeply illustrated by using power point texts the types of female genital mutilation applied in different cultures. She further pointed that female genital mutilation has no religious connection but is traditional practised by ancient chiefs or the so called Pharoas in Egypt.


Public Discussions

Questions raised on the topics presented by the two keynote speakers were replied in detail. A group of Eritrean who fled from the brutal persecution of the dictator  who have got assistance by Elsa Chyrum on their way to asylum come up to the stage and thanked her for her great efforts providing to the Eritrean refugees in general, and especially to them.

At 21.00 local time an Eritrean dinner was prepared for the participants. People were enjoying the evening listening to the music and exchanging views and greeting to the historical day for equal rights, equal opportunities and progress for all.


Cultural event

Life music and dance was performed and by prominent artists the whole night up to 0400 in the early morning of  Sunday the 7th March 2010. It was a historical day well organized and the guests were satisfied by the events of the day. About 200 Swedish Eritrean has participated on this event.



















































































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