Four Eritreans who worked in a public sector killed in Libya

Tripoli : Exclusive – Libya Today.
The “Libya Today” newspaper learned from reliable sources that an Arab diplomat in Tripoli, who wants to remain anonymous, informed the newspaper that eighty four Egyptians and four Eritreans, who worked in a Libyan public sector (which the diplomat reserved to name it) were killed. They were executed after their refusal to cooperate with the security of Gaddafi’s brigades.

The same source mentioned that there is ill-treatment of foreigners, especially Arabs and Africans, because they are forcibly asked to cooperate with Qaddafi security brigades. Many of these foreigners refused to cooperate; the consequences being ill-treatment, detention, beatings, or murder.

 On the other hand The editorial board of the “Farajat” website on the 21st of current month of March sent a message to the Libyan Provisional National Council, which expressed the solidarity of the Eritrean people with the brotherly Libyan people who are struggling for their freedom and dignity.
The message also expressed concerns about the situation of residents in Libya, especially about the Eritrean refugees and appealed to the council’s president Mr. Mustafa Abdul Jalil, to secure their safety in the liberated areas.
The “Libya Today” newspaper (the most widespread in Libya), posted on February 24, the appeal message sent by “Farajat website” on its website.
With the appeal message were attached the telegrams of solidarity and support which were posted on Farajat web by Eritrean political opposition organizations, civic society organizations and Eritrean websites.
Copy to: Official spokesman of the Provisional National Council Mr. / Abdul Hafeez Alqoka

 Copy to:  “Libya Today” newspaper
Copy to:  Libyan Scene
Statements of solidarity from:
Eritrean Democratic Alliance
Eritrean National Salvation Front
Eritrean Nahda Party
Eritrean Federal Democratic Movement
Suweira Center for Human Rights
The Eritrean Union of Writers and Journalists
Forums Eritrea Al-Habiba


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