The vast list contains names of prisoners of conscience in Eritrea, collected from various sources and compiled by Farajat team. Please forward your comments, corrections, photos and other information related to all disappeared or imprisoned Eritreans to Farajat team. This table is searchable if you have a name in mind.

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  1. Mensur abdu idris ali

    My name is mensur abdu and my father’s name is Abdu idris ali. He is as u say in prison from 1996 till now. He was a good father and religious man every body loves him. He is a father of three children. He lived in asmara, also he was a teacher @ Diaa Islamic school. He was shiek @ mosque of Omer ibni alkhetab/madishto mosque/ i wish I can help any information. That is y I left my country and my brother & sister choosing 2 be a refuge.

  2. Amin

    Sad to see Eritreans are put in jails, with out no legitimate reason. This list might show less than 5% of the prisoners, the people in the list might be well known, or famous in the locality they used to live. My point is there are many many people unlisted here.

  3. abe yousef

    hello pls help finding mr abe yousef who lived in keren eritreia as per her daughter ms nawal abe yousef her father was killed by eritreian presdient and she escape to sudan now live in jerif sudan her boy friend mr mohamed who fully awre the scene what is the exact story behind this and nawal sister work for eritreian military force as per her pls here with i forward the the number of nawal sister who work for eritreian force 002917198710 her name hannan abe yousef and nawal ex boy friend who escorted to sudan and his number 002917153266 mohamed pls help and find the truth nawal father still live or dead thanks and pls route through thnak yopu

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