This is a comprehensive list of Eritrean prisoners of conscience. Until now, their fate and where about is unknown. Some of them are between death and life, hidden by the hand of Heddafi crime… As for their mothers, wives, and children, their hearts are burned from the hardship of waiting. They discuss their news with every security official in the hope that he will have pity on them, be compassionate to their condition, and guide them to the fate of their children.. And the same issue has become Today, all Eritreans are talking about it, worrying them, and preoccupying all their political parties. Thousands of the best sons of the Eritrean people are missing. Rather, chilling practices are being practiced on them, and the world cannot believe it. How are people who have had no news of them for more than 18 years, and whose mothers are waiting for their return, fed up with the pain of separation and long waiting. They are filled with hope at times, and they smile and dream of the opportunity to meet. This is how they live between hope and pain, alternating in their feelings and hearts. What did these people do to live 18 years in prison? Do they have the conscience of the men who do these actions? !!. We heard that a number of them were arrested at night by the security services, and we later confirmed that some of them were executed and some of them died under torture in detention centers.

The Rome Code calls removing a person from existence to a third state between death and life a crime against humanity whose perpetrator is punishable, but these practices still exist in our country, and we have thousands of missing people at the hands of HQDF, who refuse to give any information or responses against the missing Eritreans or even know the facts of their disappearance in Eritrea? There are also no international mechanisms that can limit these practices. Only international human rights organizations are concerned and unable to stop these practices that dictatorial regimes excel at. We are still calling on them to offer us a reward for escaping these criminals, who we are told do not know anything about the detainees and do not feel anything towards the pain and sadness of mothers for losing their children and husbands for all this time. It is truly shameful for this issue to remain dealt with with the field’s backwards mentality… That is why we want to The international community should put pressure on this regime and make it submit a statement about the Eritreans who were taken to prison or transferred to another prison, and the disappeared whose status has not yet been clarified in line with the provisions of the Rome Statute.
Also, to resolve this issue with Al-Ahly, it can only be achieved by reaching the truth first, holding the perpetrators accountable second, and compensating the families of the missing persons morally and materially, but also opening the file directly. Emphasizing that the truth does not die as long as people demand to know the truth and to bring back their children, whether martyrs or alive. I
also salute the Eritrean sites and ask them to play an active and essential role by disseminating these names to the widest human rights circles. Perhaps the global and humanitarian conscience will move towards helping the Eritrean people, and We obtain the answer to the crimes committed by Isaias and his group, which plunged the Eritrean families into a cycle of continuing tragedies. We also ask the Eritrean people in the diaspora to make all possible efforts to resolve the issue of the kidnapped persons before organizations active in human rights, and to hand over to them the file of this case, given that a solution has not been reached with them. This government and our desire to fulfill the families’ demands by revealing the truth about the fate of the missing Eritreans,

Accompanying this letter, you will find the names of old and new Eritreans who are missing and those killed by the Haqdaf regime, and they can be added to until the crime file is complete.

#NameDate of arrestRegioncomments
1Hamid Muhammad Idris Hamed1996Qfato 
2Sidi Bakhit Madani1995Qfato 
3Idris Muhammad Abdullah Shaqi1995Sawa/Awbaro 
4Adam Ali Abu Bakr1996Qfato 
5Hussein Ali Hussein1997Qfato 
6Othman Idris Saad1995Qfato 
7Taha Ali Adam1995Makhalai 
8Oshik Muhammad Adam Hamad1995Qfato 
9Hazoot Hamed Okud1992Keren 
10Muhammad Hamid Othman Hakin1992Keren 
11Muhammad Jeme Othman Ali Ibrahim1993Anseba 
12Hamed Saeed1998Al-Gash 
13Saleh Hussein Mohammed Ahmed1998Al-Gash 
14Hamad Absaida Haggai1998Al-Gash 
15Abdo Musa1995Al-Gash 
16Farha Usman Idris Are1995Al-Gash 
17Hamad Muhammad Abdel Qader1998Al-Gash 
18Abdullah Ibrahim Muhammad Adra10/1995Takrarit 
19Weska Noray Kabli1985
20Hassan Muhammad Saeed Shumay1994Ginda 
21Kir Ibrahim1995Qfato 
22Kir Hamid Saeed1995Qfato 
23Aafa Ibrahim1995Qfato 
24Kattin Ibrahim1995Qfato 
25Karrar Saleh1995Qfato 
26Matouk Ali1995Qfato 
27Hamid Saeed Girfa1995Qfato 
28Sheikh Ahmed Hamed1995Qfato 
29Ali is Saeed1995Qfato 
30Idris Abdullah Nashe1992Galluj 
31Saleh Idris Muhammad Shanqab1995Galluj 
32Hassan Ali Nour Dirar1994Keren 
33Idris Farag Saeed1994Keren 
34Shabbut Ali Muhammad Ali1995Qfato 
35Jaber Hamed Okud1994Keren 
36Muhammad Othman Saleh Jeme1994Keren 
37Mahmoud Ali Nour Amir1994Keren 
38Muhammad Othman Muhammad, Hassaelnabi1994Keren 
39Yassin Ahmed Zayed1994Keren 
40Ahmed Mesmar Ibrahim1994Keren 
41Muhammad Saeed Saleh Ahmed1994Keren 
42Othman Ali  Jamea Izaz1994Keren 
43Adam Ali Nour Safaf1994Keren 
44Muhammad Othman Adam Ali Nour1994Keren 
45Hassan Abdul Rahman Dar1994Keren 
46Muhammad Sheikh Adam1994Keren 
47Ibrahim collected1994Keren 
48Ali Ibrahim collected1994Keren 
49Muhammad Hamed Hazot1994Keren 
50Muhammad Omar Ismail1995Keren 
51Musa Ibrahim, may God bless you1996Keren 
52Muhammad Khair Abdul Qadir Waa1989Laghata 
53Muhammad Marwan Nasour1991Keren 
54Ibrahim Muhammad Bakhit Malik1992Keren 
55Ali Hassan Adam Idris1992Keren 
56Idris Muhammad Saeed Abdullah1992Keren 
57Abdel-Aleem Muhammad Ali Zaroum1992Keren 
58Abu Bakr Muhammad Nour collected1992Keren 
59Abdul Rahman Ali Amhrai1992Keren 
60Othman Ali Amhrai1993Keren 
61Yassin Muhammad Fakak1993Keren 
62Muhammad collected Ibrahim1994Keren 
63Muhammad Nour Muhammad Qarenet1994Keren 
64Yassin Mohammednur Mahmud1994Keren 
65Yassin Hamed Nafie1994Keren 
66Taher Mohamed Hamed1994Keren 
67Abdullah Abdul Rahman Dar1994Keren 
68Muhammad Othman, plural of Muhammad1994Keren 
69Ramadan Adam Abdullah1985Agordat 
70Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibrahim1985Aderde 
71Ibrahim Muhammad Bakhit1985Aderde 
72Faraj Hamad Qabri1985Aderde 
73Tatay Abubakar Ibrahim1996Humball 
74Omar Abdullah Karar1997Yakare 
75Muhammad Adam Dawid1994Keren Member of Parliament
76Adam Saleh Qolai1995Ad Ibrahim 
77Othman Omar Ali1996Sawa 
78Muhammad Taher Adam grave1996Sawa 
79Secretary Hamid Karar (country)10/15/1995Agordat 
80Hamed Adam Abdel Qader1994Qfato 
81Hamed Mohammed Saeed Hamed2/1996Ad Humad Ithor 
82Hamid Muhammad Omar Musa1996Agordat 
83Hamed Omar Ibrahim Ismail1997Hashishai 
84Muhammad Ali Muhammad Issa Idris1996Fanko 
85Ibrahim Ali Othman Ahmed1998Tesenai 
86Muhammad Khair Musa1995Keren 
87Hassan Muhammad Omar Abdullah1995Keren 
88Muhammad Omar Hamid Muhammad Royce1995Shaqla 
89Dawood Ali Idrisay8/20/1995Agordat 
90Hamad Mahmoud Asnay Muhammad9/11/1996Fanko 
91Abdullah Muhammad Adam9/11/1996Fanko 
92Ibrahim Eskol10/26/1996Shenguit / Qfato 
93Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed10/15/1995Agordat 
94Omar Hamid Tiwai1997Barkeit 
95Ahmed Farag Hamed1997Barkeit 
96Othman Adam khair nisur1995Tesenai 
97Ali Adam Muhammad Hamad Dean7/26/1997Agordat 
98Idris Othman Mahmoud8/1997Engage me 
99Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud1997Dqsses 
100Abdullah Muhammad Abdullah Musa1997Dqsses 
101Idris Ali Haqo1981Qfato 
102Kisha Muhammad Ali Kisha1993  
103Taha Muhammad Ali1996Hamdai 
104Muhammad Ibrahim Idris1994Mansoura 
105Othman Saleh Anja5/14/1996Ad humd Ithor 
106Hamid Anja Ansba2/14/1996Ad Humad Ithor 
107Hajj Habib Omar1996Agordat 
108Jewai Muhammad Anseba5/14/1996Ad  Humad Ithor 
109Adam Saleh Adam Shenboub1993Dolok 
110Dima Muhammad Ali Othman Ismail1996Awqaro 
111Mahmoud Saleh Hamed1996Barak Lalai 
112Ibrahim Ali is good1984Engarne 
113Idris Shaa Mahmoud Hamed1996  
114Abdullah Darwish Fakak1979Asquin 
115Abu Bakr Idris Muhammad Aqbo1995Qfato 
116Muhammad Ali Muhammad Othman collected1/4/1988Hagat 
117Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Othman Akkad1996Mansoura 
118Secretary Muhammad Saeed Araki1995  
119Ibrahim Othman Faraj Hamdo1992  
120Omar Muhammad Abdullah Ali6/20/1993Gesenai 
121Adam Abdullah Radoub9/14/1995Gash Lalai 
122Ramadan Hamed Raki1994Keren 
123Muhammad Dawish Hamad1996Humball 
124Hamad Ali Hussein Hamad1996Humball 
125Othman Muhammad Ali1997Sabeit 
126Ibrahim Idris Muhammad Ali1997Engasha 
127Ismail Muhammad Othman1997Hashishai 
128The grave of Muhammad Nur Adala1997Hashishai 
129Idris Adam Ibrahim Ali Muhammad1995Merit 
130Omar Muhammad Ali Ahmed1994Shengate 
131Muhammad Taher Haj Amer1992Hoa


Huashite Aqdub

132Musa Ibrahim Muhammad Yacoub1993Huashite 
133Muhammad Yaqoub Muhammad Yaqoub1993Huashite 
134Muhammad Adala Suleiman Maatouq9/1998Hashla 
135Idris Shaa Mahmoud Hamed1994Agordat 
136Sharif Mahmoud Muhammad Siddiq1998Germika 
137Abdo Ibrahim Ahmed Nasser (Mingus)1997Thesenai 
138Abdul Karim Muhammad Zari Qabir9/27/1997Keren 
139Jaber Hassan9/28/1997Keren 
140Muhammad Hassan Ibrahim1997Lanshba/ near by Keren 
141Mahmoud Benny9/28/1997Hagat 
142Abu Bakr Manfaut9/28/1997Hagat 
143Mahmoud Hassan Ibrahim1998Hagat 
144Faraj Mahmoud Tiwai1/17/1998Hagat 
145Ali Muhammad Saleh1/17/1998Hagat 
146Psihai Michael1995Hagat 
147Muhammad Ali Musa1995Ad Kukui Barka Lalai 
148Saleh Muhammad Idris Abu Ajaj10/15/1995Agordat 
149Nasraldin Othman Omar Khalifa10/4/1997Tesenai 
150Abda Sayed Ismail1996Keren 
151Othman Ibrahim Abdel Nour1996Keren 
152Idris Barqi1996Keren 
153Said Brar1996Keren 
154Othman Ibrahim1996Keren 
155Mahmoud Muhammad Hamad Balinai10/15/1995Agordat 
156Tesfaye Grarnkiel1997Daki Amhere 
157Saleh Muhammad Hamad Musa12/8/1997Heykuta 
158Othman Muhammad Ibrahim1998Qufati 
159Muhammad Othman Dyer1995Asmara 
160Othman Idris Adam Fakak1996Qfato 
161Shakan Hamid Shakan Idris1997Haلat 
162Hamid Idris Abdel Qader1997Sheikh Banai Baraka Lalai 
163Muhammad Ibrahim Abdullah Adam1996Tahre 
164Hamed Ibrahim Suleiman1997Sheikh Banai Baraka Lalai 
165Hamed Muhammad Ali Abilo1997Shalap 
166Muhammad Hassan Adam Ali Hamad7/1997Aderde 
167Muhammad Saeed Shumay2002Ginda 
168Muhammad Tamal Adam1985Aderde 
169Saleh Ali Iman1995Awgaro 
170Idris Omar Othman Taher1985Shalap 
171Othman Hamid enemy1995 Awgaro 
172Idris Muhammad Ali Ahmed Dharir1996Fanko 
173Muhammad Ibrahim Adam1995Quroh 
174Muhammad Abdullah Shamala Adam1984Ingerne 
175Muhammad Ibrahim Bakhit Adam1984Ingerne 
176Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Bakhit1989Adderna 
177Haj Idris Kabli1985Adderna 
178Hamed Omar Khalifa6/1997Tesenai 
179Muhammad Musa Hamad Tita1992Ali Gider 
180Al-Nour Al-Hassan Muhammad Nour7/5/1998Shankit 
181Abdul Rahim Muhammad Othman Dawoud11/11/1997Umm Hajar 
182Kasha Muhammad Othman Daoud12/5/1997Umm Hajar 
183Adam Muhammad Othman Daoud1/4/1999Gonia 
184Muhammad Daoud Muhammad Othman Daoud1/5/1999Gonia 
185Saleh Ali Iman3/25/1995Awgaro 
186Adam Ali Abdullah Musa3/22/1995Gonia 
187Idris Salih Mohamed Mantai10/25/1994Barka Lalai Asfada 
188Idris Saleh Idris Aila10/25/1994Barka Lalai 
189Abi Hajjaj Muhammad Hamed1995Barka Lalai 
190Saiday Abdullah Kakoush1995Barka Lalai 
191Othman Haj Saleh10/1994Barka Lalai 
192Omar Hamed Mahmoud10/1994Barka Lalai 
193Muhammad Saleh Muhammad is a merchant1995Barka Lalai 
194Suleiman Muhammad Ali Othman10/1994Barka Lalai 
195Idris Hamid Haggag5/1998  
196Muhammad Adam Idris Mujawari10/1994Barka Lalai 
197Abdullah Muhammad Salem9/14/1994Barka Lalai 
198Othman Muhammad Ahmed Othman Muhammad1995Barka Lalai 
199Ali Muhammad Musa9/1995Asmara 
200Othman Muhammad Adam Muhammad Hamad12/15/1997Ingerne 
201Nuray Idarbi Muhammad Abubakar5/1997Humball 
202Muhammad Ibrahim Saeed Saleh1/1998Humball 
203Saleh Othman Ari9/28/1995Agordat 
204Adam Issa Hamad Abdhaba1991pond 
205Idris Adam Tiwai5/1997Humball 
206Muhammad Adam Ali Muhammad Burqa1997Mai Shari 
207Omar Hamid Muhammad1997Ali Banai Baraka 
208Muhammad Ali Idris Tita1997Ad Majawrai 
209Saleh grave of Adam Tiwai Omar1996Fanko 
210Youssef Al-Nour Adam Aafa1996Barket Suburbs of Qalluj  
211Ismail Hamad Taher1996Gash/Barket 
212Issa Taher Haj Hamad6/1996Haberdah 
213Yacoub Ismail Hamad1996Haberdah 
214Hussein Sharaf Muhammad6/1996Magalo 
215Secretary Haj Nour1995Agordat 
216Mahmoud Khaled Ali Qit10/15/1995AgordatMunicipal employee
217Muhammad Ahmed Muhammad Ali Yaqoub1996Aderde 
218Ibrahim Muhammad Omar Muhammad12/1997Agordat 
219Adam Yacoub Adam Muhammad Omar2/1998Yakare 
220Idris Hassan Abdullah2/1998Agordat 
221Ismail Abdullah Idris Muhammad Ali2/1998Humball 
222Al-Hassan Muhammad Ibrahim Qairab1995iBago / Gash Lala 
223Omar Othman Omar1996Gash / Bladari 
224Hassan Ibrahim Abdullah1995AndRayip / Gash 
225Suleiman Ali Zakaria10/1995 Asmara 
226Abdullah Muhammad Adam Mahmoud9/25/1997Thaltasher / outskirts of Tesenai 
227Omar Hamad Ismail (Omar Sharif)1997Humball 
228Idris Shea Mahmoud1991Barka Lalai 
229Ali Muhammad Khair Ibrahim1996Sawa  
230Ismail and Sheikh Haj Bakhit1996Sawa 
231Muhammad Yahya Ali2/8/1985Gelep / Mensa 
232Idris Zamzami2/8/1985Gelep / Mensa 
233Suleiman Idris Farag2/8/1985Gelep / Mensa 
234Muhammad Othman Noman2/8/1985Gelep / Mensa 
235Adam Aqoub hummed2/8/1985Gelep / Mensa 
236Saleh Abu Bakr Adam1997Harum 
237Othman Muhammad Ali Sheikh Mustafa1999Ad Sayedna  Mustafa 
238Faraj Idris Faraj Hamdah1992Galluj 
239Karar Adam Al-Amin8/1996Haberdh 
240Muhammad Idris Adam Beid1997Fanko 
241Muhammad Othman Abdullah Mahmoud Karar1997Yakare 
242Abdul Rahim Ali Muhrad Muhammad Othman1990Barka 
243Ibrahim Hamed Ali1997Seba 
244Ayoub Adam Idris1997Hashishai 
245Othman Saleh Harb1997Ali Banai Baraka 
246Mahmoud Ibrahim Saleh1997Ali Banai Baraka 
247Idris Adam Blaynay10/1995Galluj 
248Abdullah Ali Hasaballah (Al-Madai)1995Massawa 
249Bakhit Adam Mahmoud1994Shaqalqal 
250Muhammad Ali Muhammad Abdullah1996Hagat 
251Othman Denay Hamad Idris1983Anblight 
252And Sheikh Abdullah Omar1994Ad Sayedna Hamid 
253Saleh Ali Muhammad Idrisay1995Galluj 
254Ibrahim Ajilai1993Agordat 
255Saleh Ibrahim Muhammad Faqir1996Aqbir Mena 
256Othman Mahmoud Suleiman1996Aqbir Mena 
257Abdo Abu Shek1996Aqbir Mena 
258Denbay Omar Muhammad Abboud1995Hekuta 
259Hamed Adam Abdel Qader Al Haya1995Hekuta 
260Muhammad Idris Mahmoud Adam Al-Haya1990Kiro 
261Abu Bakr Idris Hamad Habo1994Hekuta 
262Muhammad Idris Muhammad Mahmoud Marki1998Hekuta 
263Ahmed Yaqoub Hamad Aryai10/1994Agordat 
264Mahmoud Idris Mahmoud Adam1997Obel 
265Ali Soba1996Bisha 
266Adam Muhammad Ali Kamil1/7/1994Fanko 
267Kaboud Ali Idris1994Fanko 
268Muhammad Hussein Hamad1996Fanko 
269Kabob Ali Nour Muhammad Saidna3/22/1996Awgaro 
270Kasha Muhammad Ali Kasha1992Barka Lalai 
271Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad Mandil1996  
272Ibrahim Idris, make me aware1995Agordat 
273Ibrahim Saleh Hassan1995Agordat 
274Adam Ali Nasib Ali Abdullah Musa1995Galluj 
275Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim Othman Chidli1992Mansoura 
276Muhammad Saleh Mahmoud10/15/1995Agordat 
277Omar Muhammad Abdullah1993Galluj 
278Saleh Mahmoud Saleh1993Ginda 
279Hassan Mohamed Saeed1993Ginda 
280Idris Ali Muhammad Habo8/1998Fagret 
281Othman Muhammad Hamed1995Sabit 
282Idris Mahmoud Saadin1990Shalap 
283Musa Hamad collected1989Gash Lalai 
284Ibrahim Haj Idris Ahmed1992Kassala 
285Abdul Raouf Abdullah Muhammad Yahya1992Thaltasher 
286Muhammad Saeed AbdullahArrested 1993Ginda 
287Haj Suleiman Muhammad KararArrested 1997Yakare 
288Suleiman Musa Haj2/2002Keren An old fighter from ELF
289Saleh Ibrahim Jamil1994 Dege AeytebahHe was kidnapped from the city of Kassala. His fate is still unknown
290Muhammad Mara Net Keren 
Names of the dead
1Adam Ali Nasib Ali Abdullah Musa1995Qarqji 
2Ramadan Adam Abdullah1985Aderde 
3Faraj Hamad Kabli1985Aderde 
4Ibrahim Muhammad Bakhit1985Aderde 
5Saleh Muhammad Idris Ali1987Kerkebet 
6Abdullah Ahmed Saadi1988Erai 
7Abdullah Muhammad Musa Fayed1994Hebradh 
8Ibrahim Ali is good1984Ingerne 
9Hamed Ali Hamad grave1991Gulsa 
10Abdullah Muhammad Ali Amer1985Aderde 
11Othman Shalal Adam1984Ingerne 
12Muhammad Ali is the best Adam Ansba9/20/1988Ad Gebi 
13Adam Mahmoud Haggag1988He was killed between Ingerni and Agordat 
14Hamed Mohammed Hamed4/16/1994Heykuta 
15Othman Ibrahim Othman10/8/1987Thaltasher 
16Adam Al-Amin Kalalu1988Erai 
17Khadija Idris Hamed Farr12/8/1999Adobaha 
18Hamad Ali Musa Shakan12/8/1999Adobaha 
19Hamad Ali Muhammad Abraha12/8/1999Adobaha 
20Muhammad Ali Adray12/8/1999Adobaha 
21Suleiman Idris Muhammad12/8/1999Adobaha 
22Omar Muhammad Hamed12/8/1999Adobaha 
23Mahmoud Ali Mahmoud12/8/1999Adobaha 
24Nazir Saleh Saeed Daoud1991Afebet 
25Othman Ali Idris Tarashbo1991Afebet 
26Idris Manfaut Idris1991Afebet 
27Saleh Hamed family1991Afebet 
28Ali Abu Bakr Muhammad1991Afebet 
29Nazir Muhammad Ali Kantibay1991Afebet 
30Kentibai thanked Nour1991Afebet 
31Adam Fayed Muhammad1982Ansba/ Kerah 
32Musa is the plural of Zarai2/8/1985Gelep / Mensa 
33Hussein Saad Dyer2/8/1985 Gelep / Mensa 
34Bakhit Musa Issa2/8/1985 Gelep / Mensa 
35Saleh Idris Labab2/8/1985 Gelep / Mensa 
36 Hiwar Sheikh Hamad Dayer1988Halhel /Mai Awalid 
37Muhammad Hamed Abu Bakr Younis1988Halhel / Mai Awalid 
38Omar Saleh Madin1983Barka Lalai 
39Muhammad Taher Muhammad Othman11/1987Gerrmika 
40Mahmoud Idris Sheikh1987Dahya Abai 
41Hamed Ahmed Idris1996Barka Lalai 
42Muhammad Ibrahim Saleh Aila9/14/1995Barka Lalai 
43Saleh Othman Hamid MuhammadHe was shot dead in his home  
44Idris Saleh Mantay1997Ali Banai Barka 
45Karar Idris Hamed Aafah1985Shalap 
46Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibrahim1985Shalap 
47Artist: Idris Muhammad Abdullah (Ajat Hanna)  He supported theELF, and it was said that he helped smuggle people out of Keren. He killed when Ali Sayed and Musa Naib, Takle  Aden, and Niyaziqi Keflu was runing  the security service.
48Sabreen Adam Muhammad Khair2000Shagrab camp3 year old girl
49Muntaser Adam Muhammad Khair2000Shagrab camp A 7-year-old child, sons of freedom fighter Adam Muhammad Khair
Dead from the ranks of the army / Manka’ sons (Tana’i Daqli and other civilians)
1Yohanis Sebhato   
3Tarqin Yehedago   
4Moses Tesfamikael   
5Afwerki Taklo   
6Hebte Selassie   
7Abrash Malki   
9Hiba Kidani   
10Debsay Gebre Selassie   
11 Gaytoum Berhe   
12Messihi Rasoum   
13Tawelde Ayoub   
14Taklai Kiri Christos   
15Michael Brakhit (Wudi Igouti)   
16Helly Johansom   
17Samuel Kebri Dungul   
18Barkhit Healy   
20Alem Abraha   
21Anqasim (Barqit 51 member)   
22Berhane Salmon (Wadi Halqa), commander of Bergett 41979 They say he committed suicide and left a paper saying that instead of following Isaias’s secret People’s Party, he would prefer to commit suicide. These are the words of Isaias’ people, and the true circumstances are unknown.
23Ahmed Ali Kilai (Commander of Bergett 51)He was killed in Naqfa in 1979 under mysterious circumstances preceded by propaganda against himHe was opposed to irresponsible ways of conducting warThey told the members in his letter that he had committed suicide. They had fought him psychologically before Aqa Abraham, the martyr Ali Abraham, and the freedom fighter Tawladi Intagha. They said that he was afraid of war.
24Dr.. Ayoub Gebre Lual   
25Mahari Qarmasion   
26Michael Mehrezqi   
27Habert Tesfa Gaber   
28Kidani Abeto   
29Feshai Kidani   
30Hailey Jabha   
31Salmon Walde Miriam   
32Muhammad Nour Hashem   
33Omar Sheikh (Abu Alama)  He was accused of spying for Ethiopia, and God knows best
34Abboud bin Jibir  He was accused of poisoning wells at the direction of Ethiopia, and God knows best
35Idris Ali Ahmed Sheikh Zamzami Asus 
36Muhammad Kantabai Muhammad Nour I liked itLeader of the Ad-Temariam tribe
37Thank you, Kentbay Mohamed Nour I liked itLeader of the Ad-Temariam tribe
38Muhammad Sheikh Adam Bakhit   
45Ali Karar Muhammad Musa   
52Saleh Adam is good   
53Bakhit Muhammad Nour Qalaidus heart 
54Hassan Othman Mahmoud heart 
55Abdullah Muhammad Abdul Qader heart 
56 Muhammad Yahya Othman Idris Zamzami  Former freedom fighter
57Mahmoud Dinay1995 A military leader in the Eritrean Liberation Front
58Muhammad Othman Dyer1995 A leader in the unified organization
59Shom Saleh Yacoub And Qairo 
62Abu Bakr Muhammad collected  A teacher from Keren
67Sheikh/Mohamed Omar Al-Sharif  From Adi Qaih, a graduate of Al-Azhar University
68Muhammad Saleh Mahmoud  A former leader in the Revolutionary Committee
69Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim1996  A leader in the Revolutionary Committee and the Unified Organization
70Muhammad Ahmed Idris   A university graduate from Cairo and a judge in Agordat
71Muhammad Othman Humaira collection  A teacher from Keren
72Othman Saleh Hamed  a university graduate
73Muhammad Ali Nour Azaz   
74Salih Muhammad Kilai   
75Ibrahim Muhammad Hamed Daqs / Mansoura 
71Saleh Adam is good Mansoura 
72Suleiman Omar Al-Maday   
73Ali Muhammad Bakri I liked itGraduate of Omdurman Islamic University
74Othman Muhammad Ali Adam presented   
75Muhammad Taher Idris   
76Suleiman Karami   
77Muhammad Ali Haramaitai1991He was kidnapped from Port SudanA former leader in the unified organization
78Saleh Muhammad Idris Abu Ajaj1995 A former leader and one of the first generation of the Eritrean revolution
79Othman Abdel Nour A soldierTeacher and university graduate
80Abdo Sayed A soldierTeacher and university graduate
81Yassin Mahmoud Fakak  Teacher and university graduate
82Othman Jagir1991He was kidnapped from Port SudanAdvanced staff in the unified organization
83Leave proof of my grave honest (Wadi Pasha)1990 He was kidnapped from Kassala
84My son, Mariam Bahlabi1990 He was kidnapped from Kassala
85 My grave has fallen2001 He was kidnapped
86Burhan Zari’s grave   
87Hello Maryam   
88Saeed Saleh   
89 Hailey Qarza   
90My parents, Dawit, are stuck up   
91 Idris Hanqla   
92Mahmoud Hassab   
93 Ibrahim Afa1980Massawa The commander of the People’s Army and the Political Bureau was killed by the conspiracy in Aqamat after a dispute between the members of the Central Committee, which split into two parts, the first led by Ibrahim Afa and with him Ahmed Al-Qaisi, Sharifu, Ali Sayed Abdullah, Misfin Haqous and their cadres, and the second led by Haile Daraa, Boutros Salmon, Sabhat Ephrem, Aqaba Abraha and their cadres, and Isaias was waving friendship and belonging to everyone. .
94Give me my grave, my grave is greased  Asrat CASA correspondent to Isaias in the Autonomy and Legal Affairs Project
95 Tsvankiel (Widi Gorgo)   
96Kadani Kambira  He was killed in Kenya by conspiracy
97My grave is like this  He was killed in London by conspiracy
98Abdullah Daoud Karn He was killed in Asmara by conspiracy
99Othman is amazing1980 He was killed by order of Peter Salmon
100Ammar Al-Sheikh  He was killed in Asmara by conspiracy
Prisoners of the Reform group in the Popular Front
1Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed (Sharifo)He was arrested on 9/2001  
2Hailey Welde Tensay(Hailey Duru)He was arrested on 9/2001  
3Iqbal AberahaHe was arrested on 9/2001  
4Hamed HamadHe was arrested on 9/2001  
5Saleh KikiaHe was arrested on 9/2001  
6Barakhi Kebri SelassieHe was arrested on 9/2001  
7Giramato AnattiHe was arrested on 9/2001  
8Esther VithachenArrested 9/1 200  
9Burhani Qabri IqzabahirHe was arrested on 9/2001  
10Stephen of SeyoumHe was arrested on 9/2001  
11Batros SalmonHe was arrested on 9/2001  
12Idris Saeed AbaariArrested 10/2001  
13Ali Al-AminArrested 10/2001 An employee at the American Embassy in Asmara
14Kflum Gabre MekaelArrested 10/2001 An employee at the American Embassy in Asmara
15Saleh Idris (Algerian)Arrested 2002  
16Broadcaster/ HamedArrested 2002  
17Broadcaster/SouadArrested in 2002  
18Journalist / Hashem BashirArrested 7/2002  
19Sohay whispers   
20Matthews Habtap   
21Youssef Muhammad Ali   
22Madhani Hailey   
23Qabrahhit Qalta   
24Saeed Abdul Qader   
25Dawit Hebti Mikael   
26Amanuel Asrat   
27Seyoum Tesfaye   
28Tamasqan Cyprios   
29Dawit Ishak   
30Musa Farajallah   
32Kafel Adam Kafel   
33Mahmoud Suleiman   
34Mahmoud Ali Agordat 
35Abdullah Admay   
36Embaa Hadro   
37Adam Mahmoud Abdullah Idris Gonia 
38Maryam Shakkai   
39Jaber Ismail Abdo Mahmoud   
40Mahmoud Idris Abdullah   
41Ismail Zarai Hagat 
42Abdullah Ramadan Muhammad Nour Fayed   
43Hassan Hiyabo   
44Idris Shikai Keren 
45Muhammad Fayed Tonga   
46Hashim Gayo Tonga   
47Khadija Gayo Tonga   
48Sherif Ketur Darf   
49And moaning wisely   
50The world of Shangray   
51Samuel Adam   
52Hagai Amus   
53Dunya Hamus   
54Marco Topa   
55Idris Idris Barentu 
57Shabi Pashay Heykuta 
58Ali Othman Toulon 
59Abdullah Marco Dasen 
60Burhan Gaber Zadiq   
61Hamed Ramad   
62Gebre Lual Emde Tayoun   
63Burhani Kadani   
64Gebre Burhan   
65Tanga Walde Selassie, nicknamed (Shasho)   

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  1. Mensur abdu idris ali

    My name is mensur abdu and my father’s name is Abdu idris ali. He is as u say in prison from 1996 till now. He was a good father and religious man every body loves him. He is a father of three children. He lived in asmara, also he was a teacher @ Diaa Islamic school. He was shiek @ mosque of Omer ibni alkhetab/madishto mosque/ i wish I can help any information. That is y I left my country and my brother & sister choosing 2 be a refuge.

  2. Amin

    Sad to see Eritreans are put in jails, with out no legitimate reason. This list might show less than 5% of the prisoners, the people in the list might be well known, or famous in the locality they used to live. My point is there are many many people unlisted here.

  3. abe yousef

    hello pls help finding mr abe yousef who lived in keren eritreia as per her daughter ms nawal abe yousef her father was killed by eritreian presdient and she escape to sudan now live in jerif sudan her boy friend mr mohamed who fully awre the scene what is the exact story behind this and nawal sister work for eritreian military force as per her pls here with i forward the the number of nawal sister who work for eritreian force 002917198710 her name hannan abe yousef and nawal ex boy friend who escorted to sudan and his number 002917153266 mohamed pls help and find the truth nawal father still live or dead thanks and pls route through thnak yopu

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