More effective Methods to topple the Dictator

Thank you brother Mohammad Juma for a fine article which laid the foundations of struggle against the dictator , but I would like to give my point of view about the demands which you laid out in your article ,these demands are being raised under the banner of the opposition parties for twenty years and they did not take substantial steps to achieve them so we do not need to keep repeating the same approach but we need to innovate unique procedures that would be practiced by the youth and at the same time the opposition parties can help and give advice. They do not have to dictate their own terms on the new generation and anyone who is affiliated with them should not try to impose his party’s agenda or try to sneak and maneuver for the sake of his party. We need the skills of young men to be manifested in the struggle to emancipate from shackles of oppression and injustice.
If we are caught in the same cycle of demands we will not move forward. our demands, first and last is the overthrow of the regime and to prosecute the tyrant and his gang and the departure of the dictator, such as the revolutions of Arab countries and after that we can achieve other demands consecutively. And we want every freedom fighter to participate and give his opinion by adding more strong and effective methods because diverse ideas from all concerned youth will have strong impact and accelerate the demise of the stinky regime.
We need a leadership consist of all countries of Diaspora and should include Eritrean from different background. We need united efforts to topple the dictator.
I myself I think –

1- Conquering the Arab media such satellite channels such as Aljazeera English and Arabic , Alhiwar etc because people will obtain the news no matter how the government block media stream and trust me brother Mohamed Juma your last appearance on Alhiwar TV channel was seen by many youth inside Eritrea and it has an impact among all Eritrean. Eritrean in England can do that because the main Arabic and English channels located in London.
2- All Eritrean should knock at the door of English and Arabic News paper by writing articles to exhibit the ugly face of Eritrean regime.
3- We have to have strong presence by going as groups to all Eritrean communities abroad in civilized manner because these communities raise the slogan of Eritrean name so we have the right to gather and meet in those communities as Eritreans.
I Remember in Toronto, Canada people demonstrate in front of the Eritrean community which was run by HEGDF and to talk the neighbors about the practices of Eritrean government so they stood by the demonstrators until the place was closed.
4- I think if we go back to history we can benefit a lot in how the HARAKA( ELM) used to perform its activities inside Eritrea and How galvanized Eritreans for the Cause of independent in the fifties during the darkest era .
5- We have to continue to demonstrate to pressure the regime and to show the world we are seeking freedom.
6- The youth in Sudan are the most important segment of our movement .they can give message to the young generation in Eritrea to start covert actions and this can start with small groups. I know it is not easy task but needs sacrifice, dedications, commitment and sincerity which are the core of a
Successful revolution
7- the most important how to deliver unity atmosphere of communication between Christian and Muslims through face book and avoid the barriers which affect the outcome to remove the dictator as soon as possible and this will lead us to mend the social fabric torn apart by the tyrant .
Finally I greet all the heroes who took part in the demonstrations of anger against the tyrant and his henchmen in March 25 and proved to be the sons of our beloved country who are coming to erase the vestiges of injustice and humiliation and raise the flag of freedom, democracy and peace.
Salih Ebrahim Anjabba

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