I would like to precede my writing by offering my message of condolences to all concerned Eritrean people in general, and to those who lost their loved ones in the recent tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea in particular. At the same time I am proud to hear that a service in remembrance in honour of those lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea tragedy are being held throughout the world. For those who have not had the experience, it’s not necessary impossible to understand the depth of the pain caused by the loss of a loved one.  Hence those tragic deaths are still haunting us all. And what should suppose to follow is a fitting tribute on the ground to continue highlighting the Eritrean issue in Europe, North America, and Australia and even within Eritrea using all available means.  

However, as youth we collectively have to think and ask ourselves what is the way forward? And how we can and will make the difference in the lives of our people so that future such tragedies can be avoided. It’s a duty not a choice for Eritrean Youth now wherever they are to speak up and out for their rights, freedoms and demand for democratic change in Eritrea.

This is the awakening era of youth Revolution, so let’s create our Revolution: A Revolution owned by the Eritrean people and Youth based on cooperative principles and help our people with ideas that could bring democratic change in Eritrea.

History is crashing in our region (Djibouti, Sudan and Yemen), across North Africa (Tunisia, Egypt and Libya) and the Middle East, where young men and women risk their lives for freedom and a first taste of democracy.  For months now the headlines of the world mass media including Eritrean opposition’s have been dominated by the popular uprising of those above mentioned countries to the virtual exclusion of great Eritrean  affairs discussions.  Those events have made us all well aware that dictators are not invincible. Furthermore they have proved to us all that change can only come through taking actions.

It is said “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything “Malcolm X.  As young Eritrean men and women we should not be remembered as a failed generation and we should not allow that to happen. After all the Eritrean youth are responsible for the next generation even though the previous generation was accused of similar failings then as now. The time has come to put aside sentiment and face humanitarian crisis in and out of Eritrea. We should not merely remain a campaigning force. Whilst we call upon the Eritrean youth to continue to raise awareness of the Eritrean issue, also encourage them to engage in the political process and to join Eritrean opposition political organisations, alternatively Eritrean Youth Global Movement, Eritrean Youth for Change and so on of your choice. We would like you to play your role and take an active interest in this issue.        

Eritrean Youth Global Movement- UK

Bereket Kahsai board member of EYGM- UK

13 April 2011

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  1. mahmoud nohammed omer

    our condolences to all famalies and to those who lost their loved ones. and our condolences to all eritrea peoples.

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