Designing energetic organization in the pro-democracy camp

By Fesseha Nair

The wave for democratic change is spreading all over the world since the “Arab Awakening” or sometimes called “Arab Spring” started.

The Eritrean pro-democracy forces have been ahead of these popular uprisings in the Northern Africa and the Middle East countries since many years back.

There are some indicators that the Eritrean youth are coming together by joining the pro-democracy camp in their activities -like performing and organizing rallies in diaspora.

The young Eritrean revolutionaries are now inspired by the young revolutionaries of Egypt and Tunisia who have toppled their dictators and the still fighting young generations of  Libya and the middle east to topple down their dictators and build free and democratic society.

Popular uprisings across the region now face a problem over who they are and what they want- the international community will know how these popular uprisings come and how they are organized- organization is an important factor to get recognition by the national and international community.

What we are currently witnessing in the region are homegrown events targeting the unresponsive, repressive leaders, similarly, there are some home news that the regime in Eritrea is facing reactions against him by students and low ranking military officers in the army.

We are not sure after the fall of the dictators whether democracy and human rights will be achieved. We have seen the popular uprising in Egypt and Tunisia succeeded in toppling the repressive rulers but in Libya the non- violent uprising was turned to civil war and anarchy. All non-violent uprisings are not successful l like that of Iran and Burma and now Libya. The struggle from dictatorship to democracy is not a text book case but need a well studied organizational design and visionary leadership.

We must be realistic about the strategies and methods to topple the dictatorship in Eritrea. In Eritrea, we still lack the prerequisites that are necessary to organize popular uprisings inside Eritrea. The main prerequisites are the presence of middle class with high per capita income, a developed civil society and independent institutions. What will be the alternative method and designation in absence of these pre-conditions?

What can be the strategies and methods to win the dictatorship in Eritrea lacking such prerequisites inside Eritrea? In this short article, I would like suggest some awakening analysis regarding what needs to engage the Eritrean people to uprising.

The Eritrean National Commission for Democratic change has worked on a plan drafted on four work ideas with the motivation of uniting all pro-democracy forces under one umbrella. This plan was laid down in four papers:

  1. Road Map from Dictatorship to Democracy
  2. Broad National Charter
  3. All-inclusive organizational Structure
  4. Interim – Constitution of the pro-democracy forces

The next phase of the process of convergence of the Eritrean pro-democracy forces is to define and discuss publicly these issues. The main contents of these papers are to make clear the objectives and the vision of the struggle against the dictator and building democratic culture in Eritrea.

I would like to quote President Kennedy’s quotation,

“ We want a man on the moon”

President Kennedy said in 60th.

Later, Space scientists worked on this and achieved to explore the space. This was a vision, something you see to reach and work on it to achieve. Let us all pro-democracy forces have a short and long term vision. A vision is a leading star where you want to reach. Having a vision makes you committed to work and engagement.

We all Eritreans Want Regime change! This is our uniting point or uniting factor.

The pro-democracy forces need an innovative and energetic organizational structure, road map, national charter or accord, and interim-constitution. The new organizational structure should be based on visions, values and barrier breaking characterized by communication and dialogues.

It is time to unite under the theme,

“ We Are All Eritreans”

We want regime change by uniting our forces through dialogue and conferences.

The writer of this article calls the EPDP led by Ammar Woldejesus consult their conscience and join the process of national unity and democratization in Eritrea.

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