Libyan Provisional Transitional National Council sent response to ENSF Foreign Office.

Dr. Yousuf Berhanu, Head of the ENSF Foreign Office, confirmed in news brief that he received positive response to an appeal he had dispatched on March 11, 2011 to Mr. Mostapha Abduljalil, the Chairman of the Provisional Transitional National Council of Libya, in regard to the security situation that has been endangering the lives of Eritreans. The appeal was sent through diplomatic channels; and the response has been received in the same way.


 According to the news brief, Dr. Yousuf Berhanu indicated that the Libyan leadership had received and endorsed the ENSF appeal with positive spirit, and that the Libyan brothers had expressed understanding for the reasons that compelled the Eritreans to come to Libya, adding also that they do have full picture of the problems facing our compatriots staying in their country; they promised to do everything in their power to ensure their safety. 


The ENSF Foreign Office news brief also stressed that, within the Foreign Office’s over all struggle to salvage our people and country, the concern for the safety of the Eritrean nationals everywhere has been at the center stage of its preoccupation. And to that effect, it has been making maximum efforts, which shall continue until an end comes to the plight of our people.


On the 400 mostly Eritrean youth, who perished in the Mediterranean Sea, Dr. Yousuf Berhanu underscored the unbearable conditions existing in their country that forced them to expose themselves to such extreme danger and death. He recalled others who died in wild desert conditions through dehydration before reaching Libya as well as those who met their death while trying to cross the sea in search of security and survival.


 Moreover, he termed the sad event as a national tragedy that tormented the conscience of the entire nation. On behalf on the ENSF, he shared his sorrow with the nation holding the dictatorial regime responsible for the mass death of our citizen. He also underlined that the day of  judgment at which the Eritrean people would stand face to face with regime would not be far away. Expressing his organization’s condolence to the families, he joined them in prayer for the peace and eternal rest for their loved ones.  


Moreover, the Foreign Office news brief informed that from estimated 900 Eritreans who have fled to Tunisia, 230 would be taken by Sweden and Canada. It added that the Foreign Office expressed gratitude to all international bodies, countries, and Eritrean activists for their effort to save Eritrean lives. 


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