Letter from Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia

Date: 20 April, 2011


Representative of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Diplomatic missions in Ethiopia

Representatives of international Humanitarian institutions and NGO’s

Distinguished guests

Representatives of international media outlets

Dear Eritrean refugees:


The Eritrean people have been colonized under different and consecutive colonizers for a long time. It was clear to the international community, that we have been made to suffer from loss of fundamental human, civic and political rights. This led us to a long and complicated political and armed struggle, which has cost us a very huge loss of human and material resources, in an effort to restore our denied identity, neglected values, human rights and confiscated land. We won our sovereignty by casting ballots in a referendum. But when this outcome had been achieved, the desire of the Eritrean people was to enjoy equal political right, human right, economical growth and sound governance. Moreover we were ambitious to have healthy and mutual cooperation with the international world at large and neighboring countries in particular, but also to play an important role in all sectors of development of prosperity and stability of humanity.

When the provisional government of Eritrean had gained power it immediately shifted its policy and neglected the people’s expectations. Hence the Eritrean government implemented its forceful  slavery  and obvious dictatorship which brought Isayas Afeworki as a ruler and  lawmaker.  Furthermore it controlled the political, social, economical capacity of the country for the pursuit of a few in a military junta and has plunged the country in to  political, economical and social crisis.

Currently the Eritrean’s condition is at its most critical and worst point exceeding the colonial era. And this dictatorial regime is obviously responsible for all the evil deeds.

Your Excellencies,

When we focus on the current situation of our country, Eritrea is a peculiar one in our world without constitution and constitutional government in the modern and advanced twenty-first century. As a result the Eritrean people are oppressed, exploited and they are under strict censorship. Moreover the regime intervenes in the religious affairs and daily religious practices, appoints to, and dismisses, the religious leadership according its will.

The Eritrean government is a system without independent and accountable judicial institution, which violates all the basic human rights, freedom of expression and free press. Not only this, the ruthless dictator Isayas regime has controlled all means of economic life, and engaged in micro- and macro-economic activities of the nation including black market  activities. It is exclusively controlled by the very few highly ranked officials. Moreover, the dictatorial regime had shut down the only university in the country and shifted to colleges which don’t meet the international standards; the collages are under tight military control. This systematic strategy is used to paralyze the young generation in order not to challenge its power.

The dictatorial regime is involved in disturbing the regional and international community by igniting war and isolating the Eritrean people from the neighboring and international worlds.

Taking in to account all the above conditions, the people of Eritrea are forced to flee their country in flux. Especially the youth, children and women are escaping their beloved families and nation in search of secured life.

Except those who have gotten an asylum guarantee, most of them are still exposed to life-threatening conditions. Moreover many lost their lives in the Sahara desert, Sinai, and Mediterranean Sea as well as other places of the world.

 In such circumstances the brutal regime ignored the basic needs and demands of our people and continued its suppressive policy by underestimating the appeal and outcry of the regional and international community.

We Eritrean refugees numbered in tens of thousands camping in different refugee camps in Ethiopian and urban districts are genuine Eritrean political refugees forced to leave our country due to merciless practices,  abduction, killings, unlimited military life, custodial sentence without legal conviction, war.

Today we are decided with our full agreement to loudly raise our voices and say “Enough to dictatorship in Eritrea,” stop oppression, yes for peace and stability. We believe and respect for a peaceful neighborhood based on mutual interest. Therefore today we are heavily indebted to light up the torch of freedom with full commitment for the success of this peaceful demonstration.


     Honorable delegates:

 We would like to express our deepest appreciation and thanks to the international community for their efforts and their humanitarian support.

In conclusion we the Eritrean political refugees in Ethiopia strictly appeal to the Security Council for the implementation of the already decided sanctions against the Eritrean regime. In addition we strongly condemn the faulty campaign and denials of our presence here in Ethiopia as political refugees. We call for an international attention for the plights of Eritrean refugees all over the world. Last but not least we underline that we are not economic immigrants, rather we are genuine political Refugees.

Thank You.

                                                            The Demonstration Preparatory Committee

Of Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia

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