We Must Mark the 20th Independence Day with Defiance and Contemplation

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We Must Mark the 20th Independence Day with Defiance and Contemplation



Eritrean Global Solidarity(EGS) would like to extend its appreciation to all activists who have worked hard to organize an ongoing peaceful protest around the world condemning the brutal regime in Asmara and demanding that the world take notice of the massive suffering and heart ranching tragedy imposed on the Eritrean people.


The 20th. Eritrean Independence Day has to be a day where the voices of justice and democracy will gather in unison, wherever in the world they maybe, and send a clear and unambiguous message that the days of the authoritarian regime in Asmara have to come to an end.


The message simply put has to be: 20 Years is Enough!  It is time for change.


After a national tragedy of immense proportion where almost 400 Eritreans were drowned in the Mediterranean we cannot celebrate this Independence Day in the usual way. We recommend that this day be focused on contemplation of what price Eritreans are paying under this tyranny and a day of commitment for each of us to make a solemn commitment to stand firm in solidarity with our people and struggle to bring a closure to the darkness thus has descended on Eritrea and the Eritrean people.


EGS fully supports the extraordinary effort being made by the Organizing Committee for Washington DC Demonstration and EYC to stage a massive demonstration in Washington DC and San Francisco on May 27, 2011 and encourages all its member organizations and Eritreans all over the United States to join these two historic demonstrations and send a clear message to the people of Eritrea that we hear their demand and stand with them firmly.


We encourage the Eritrean youth in the Diaspora to step up and lead these demonstrations and claim their historic role as leaders of the struggle for rule of law, democracy and justice.


We encourage the world wide protests to continue and expand in form and content before and after the Independence Day. Every single voice matters.   


 EGS Executives


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