LSC- On 10/4/11 a public meeting was held in London regarding the Eritrean national Commission for Democratic Change. The meeting was opened by a minute silence for the recent tragedy of Eritreans who perished in the Mediterranean Sea.

The meeting then continued its session under the following agenda:

  • Report of the 2nd regular meeting of the Eritrean National Commission in Addis Ababa.
  • Relationship of the public with political/civil groups and individuals.
  • Future activities of the commission and the London Support Committee
  • Q&A


First, a detailed report was given by Mr. Bereket Kahsai, member of the political committee of the national Commission, about the recently held 2nd meeting of the ENCDC in Addis. According to him the meeting (1) evaluated its task during the last 6 months and (2) prepared its work plan for the following 6 months. He informed the London meeting that one of the important outcomes of the Addis meeting was that the Eritrean people , in partnership with their international supporters should try to finance the coming congress and thereby show their ownership of it.

In addition, Mr. Daniel Weldetensae, member of the organisation committee of the National Commission, reported that so far 58 support groups have been established worldwide, though more work is needed in Africa. He emphasised that there is a promising and growing participation of the Eritrean youth in the process. Finally, Daniel reminded that the task of preparing candidates list for the congress should start straight away and he called upon all Eritrean to be active in the process.

As how to contact the Eritrean public it was proposed that we should be meet different categories separately at the initial stage, i.e. the youth, women, professionals, business people etc. In addition political and civil groups should work in partnership as resolved in the last Waela.

At last the 4 sub committees of the LSC introduced their membership and plan of action. The political subcommittee elaborated on the aims of the last Waela and the coming Congress. Its chairman expressed his hope that the congress will be inclusive to all Eritreans. The finance subcommittee said that we should try to be self sufficient in covering our meeting requirements and the congress preparation. The news/information subcommittee explained it work plan and invited volunteers to work with it. The organisation subcommittee presented its work plan and started distributing registration forms supplied by the national commission.

Question and answer session clarified some points asked by the participants and the meeting concluded by the expression that the meeting was transparent and satisfactory while reminding everyone that we should approach the Eritrean public sensitively.

 ENCDC – LSC-News/information subcommittee

April 2011.

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