Cairo, 22 May 2011

May 24 – Eritrean Youth Movement

• Place: In front of the Eritrean Embassy in Cairo, Al Falah Street branched from Shehab Street, Mohandeseen.
• Time: From 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Statement 2:
Date: May 10, 2011

For how long to remain silent?!!!

Call and appeal to all Eritreans
Protests in front of the Eritrean Embassy – Cairo

On Sunday, May 22, 2011

One of the Principles and conscience’s vigilance
Every year when we commemorate the Eritrean Independence day on May 24th , we as Eritrean people, feel contradicting and conflicting emotions of love and deep sorrow due to the horrendous situation in our beloved country, which we can call a state (of love and hatred). Love for the day and the anniversary of a sweeping sincere feeling that stems from the sense of being and the entity of our people which was embodied and materialized regardless of the world tyrants and arrogant world powers’ refusal and opposition to Eritrean independence. The Eritrean people paid dearly to achieve its independence, with a price unparallel anywhere in the world. On the other hand, the feeling of sadness and hatred is expounded due to our independence being emptied from its contents and real meaning after the Eritrean people lost their dearest excellence i.e. their dignity. The Eritrean people paid dearly and sacrificed their blood and has been preserving Eritrean entity under any circumstances; although the regime over the past twenty years confined the commemoration of this occasion on frivolous programs and worthless celebrations with no new events and innovations even in the field of music and dance which the indolent regime allowed to expound. This glorious day which the regime tries to glorify and commemorate comes at the forefront as witnessed by the world, although there is nothing to celebrate about in today’s Eritrea. For how long do we have to remain silent and reluctant to talk about our pain and grief, as people of a respected nation? Why did we end in this situation?
Why did the Eritreans lived and live without dignity throughout this period?
Aren’t we the people who fought against the Ethiopian occupation and achieved independence in order to live a decent life worth of the sacrifices we paid?
Where did the blood of the martyrs that was shed for their people and homeland go? What did happen to our martyrs’ entrust of: rule of law, justice and freedom for the Eritrean people? Where is the Eritrean Constitution? Where are the institutions of the State of Eritrea?
Where is freedom of expression? Where are the civil society organizations? Where are the trade unions? Where is the free press? Why did the detainees remain throughout the era of independence, behind the bars without legal and fair trials? Is this reasonable? O our beloved Eritrean people!
Why were Eritreans detained before drying the blood of our martyrs? Why are Eritreans arrested until now without charges?
Why are we afraid and badly treated by our government that is composed of our own people and speak our language?
Aren’t we supposed to feel safe and at ease with our government as Eritrean citizens?!! Why is the regime rude and harsh to such a degree and extend that exceeds all perceptions against those who disagree in opinion or political views? For all the above mentioned reasons and questions that have no answers, we would like to confirm that the homeland and nationalism are not limited and monopolized by a specific group; we, the Eritrean youth in every place in the world decided to play our role and bear our responsibilities towards our people and country.
Thus, we decisively confirm that as an “Eritrean 24 May Youth Movement” we do not have any political orientation or party, nor any special interests or gains except our love for our country and people. We deeply feel the torture that is falling on our loyal and sincere people without any reason and we believe that those who exercise fear, repression, arrests and killings of the Eritrean people without any reason or moral deterrent are colonists, regardless of their birth place, struggle history, name or position. In our believe and conviction, the dignity of the Eritrean people is a “red line” which should not be surpassed under any pretext or reasons by any person, no matter how high is his post in the regime and it is the standard on which the genuineness of nationalism is measured. Nationalism never was the outcome of brotherly conflicts or military achievements of one party over the other other during the period of armed struggle of our great people. Also we believe that our proud and steadfast people are the only achiever of our independence, and we are thankful and honored to fight with all our ability underdevelopment and backwardness in our society. We reject any sectarian, tribal, dictatorship, injustice, corruption, disease, illiteracy, intolerance and betrayal in any form or shape. Eritrea stands above any special and specific interests, whether political partisan or sectarian. The above reflects some features of our vision which we cannot expand beyond on this occasion; however, we wish to emphasize that everything stated in this appeal is part of the Statement of Purpose and we believe and stand for all we stated as we will defend them as our own selves and will continue to work genuinely with all our strength and perseverance to achieve change for the better and build a peaceful nation bestowed with freedom, justice, democracy and we determined to honor our stated principles.
However, at the end of our message we would like to convey to all Eritreans everywhere in the world, a sincere call of love and sincerity, we need your support to stand at our side in order to be able materialize our declared objectives for better and positive change. We, the “May 24 – Eritrean Youth Movement” in our peaceful rally which will be organized by the Cairo Youth on the current month of May 22 in front of the Eritrean Embassy in Cairo, would like to make this occasion a day of massive protests inside and outside our country in order to pressurize the regime to respond to the legitimate declared rights of the Eritrean people.
Our demands are: –
1 – The immediate release of all prisoners of conscience.
2 – Provision of a decent and dignified living for the Eritrean people.
3 – Eritrea to be governed by a constitution that emanates from the will of the people
These are our main demands and our appointment God willing is on:
Sunday, May 22, 2011

God bless us and on Him we put our trust

May 24 – Eritrean Youth Movement

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