Detailed Report of the DMLEK’s military communique

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Gallant fighters of DMLEK, starting from 05-13/03/2010, have carried out massive and consecutive operations up on the PFDJ regime and brought extreme damage on the government side. The detailed out comes of the operations are as follows;

1.     An intelligent squad of the 53rd regiment that has used to imprison and inflict residents of Adi Golom of Dembelas was attacked on 05/03/2010 and the entire platoon is made out of function. This intelligent squad, on the 12th month, had shot seven inhabitants of Adi Walo in the “shoot to kill” declaration on the pretext of slipping into the border of neighboring countries. Likewise, still three citizens of Dembelas woreda were killed on 23/02/2010, by the same squad under the pretext of avoiding and escaping the national service. DMLEK, as an vanguard and leading organization of the Eritrean Kunama,for the sake of the rights of the Kunama and other Eritrean organizations will intensify its operation to give the necessary lesson for such military intelligence platoons to retrain form such brutal activities against their brothers and sisters.


2.     The Segen-Aula Construction Company of the PFDJ organ has came under attack by the patriotic fighters of DMLEK. Sub office of this construction, stationed in Tole gamuja (sub zone of Shambako administration), where, the entire construction machines, spare parts and vehicles were destroyed through RPG and hand grenades. To this effect, three vehicles and spare parts of this company were destroyed. Segen-Aula Construction Company is PFDJ-led Company that has been exploiting and sucking the labor of the innocent and helpless Kunama living in their ancestral land of Soona (Gash).


3.     In addition to the stated above, the capital and traditional city of Eritrean Kunama in Zoba Gash Barka was attacked on 07/03/2010 from 1:00-1:20. The same construction company Segen-Aula is offices, vehicles and residing rooms were attacked by three RPGs, 3 hand grenades and Kalashnikovs and, spare part stores. That sudden attack has put off the March 8 or women’s day at ordeal position where very limited women were summoned from their hamlets by force.


4.     The military operation that was intentioned to target Musa Rabaa, the newly appointed administrator and to foil the March 8 festive, organizaed to conduct in Shambakko on zonal level, to some extent was partially fulfilled. This operation is carried out on 09/03/2010 where five loyalists of the regime were killed and one is fatally wounded. And it was made on the said date and it has taken the fighters two and half hours (6:00-8:30AM) to finish that skirmish. The spot where the fighting was made was Fataket, some 7kilometers from the Shambakko town.


5.     More than said and still, the gallant fighters have attacked military intelligence units of PFDJ stationed on Morkiti (Mukuti) on 13/03/2010 the detail will be announced when reaches at hand. Stay tuned for the details. In all operations, the gallant fighters of DMLEK have fulfilled their operation successfully and reached their commanding post peacefully and on triumph. Finally, our vanguard organization-DMLEK would like to notify that, the liberation fighters of this organization, so far, have earned the needed capacity to attack the regime at any spot and time they opt to.


News and Information Department of DMLEK

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