Thank you, Eritrean youth in Switzerland

Salih Ebrahim Anjabba

Eritrean contribution who live in large numbers in London   Stockholm, Frankfort, etc … to the popular movement against

 the Dictator is not effective as it should be with the exception of Melbourne, which has been causing chronic headaches to the tyrant and his associates but on June 4,2011, Eritrean youth  in  Switzerland  created  a great  play  of  national epic  written down in the depth of Eritrean history which is full of sacrifices and  heroic events even during  the darkest circumstances experienced by our people at home and abroad.

 These young people who had crossed the Mediterranean sea and  endured hardship to escape from an unjust regime which made them to  taste the torment in  the  camps  of  Wya and Sawa  never broke but gained strength to make change for the sake of freedom  Saying loudly:-

 No to dictatorship

Yes to democracy

Yes to freedom   

These brave Eritreans taught us:

– Yes we can make a change 

– Sincerity, devotion are the basis of success and they proved that a large number does not specify the parameters of change to get rid of the tyrant, we need concrete work and sacrifice. 

-They taught us to walk the talk, thus we want our brothers in the Diaspora to put pressure on the ruling gang by keeping the demonstrations going on in order to save our mothers, children and our elderly.

These heroes:

– Accomplished respect for our people and gained the respect of the Swiss citizens who stood beside them in the demonstration.

.- Expose the repressive regime in front of the Swiss media which show images    of the  events directly live  on the air and  thus made  the decision-makers in this  hospitable country know the   tragedy of our people in Eritrea

-They cultivated enthusiasm in the hearts of the frustrated Eritreans   and made us   proud of our beautiful country.

-They taught us how to embody unity   between Muslims and Christians, who intertwined hands to thwart the activities of HEGDEF party and its backers,

– Strong message was heard loudly that Eritreans everywhere will fail Festivals of begging and will expose this odious regime. Remember these individuals their residency in Switzerland is less than five years.

We say to  Dr. Toni  Locher you have to be ashamed of yourself because you supposed  to support democracy and justice seekers not  dictatorial regime that tortured  Eritreans and I’m surprised at how A Swiss citizen from  Switzerland  a country of human rights and democracy stands and defends a  tyrant. Let me inform you Isias did not achieve independence alone as you said in your article ,  Eritrean people paid a heavy price for that cause  for more than fifty years and they deserve to live free in their homeland and build a state of institutions  based on democracy and equal rights . 

O tyrant get ready to depart from our beloved country before happens to you what happened to those Dictators such as Zain Alabdin, Hosni Mubarak and, Ali Abdalla Salih and let me remind you your friend Ghadafi in his way to hell. We know you are not a wise man to leave the country peacefully.  History taught us    a person like you will never learn, because Dictators have mental disorders (“antisocial personality disorder). They are too strong to cause destruction Massacres and too weak psychologically to establish peace and Prosperity.

I would like to remind you Mr. arrogant:
-we will never forget the 400 young Eritreans who drowned in the sea and their flesh mauled by sharks. Your gang in Asmara did not care and was celebrating and dancing on the remains of the innocent and at the time was preventing people from mourning. Government, which values its citizen’s, will declare a national day of mourning.
We will never forget the tears of our mothers who have lost their loved ones these tears gathered in a large artificial lake to sink you in it and then from there you go to hell.

-We will never forget the blood of wounded war fighters of liberation, who were rained down by hail of bullets without mercy.

-We will never forget our young people who died to satisfy your ego and desire for power in the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

-We will never forget all the crimes small and large occurred during your era.
– We will never forget the religious scholars (priests, sheikhs) who are imprisoned in dark caves and killed for no reason.

-We will never forget the G 15 who simply asked for the rule of law, but you retaliated and killed and jailed them without any trials.

– We will never forget the journalists who were imprisoned, tortured and, killed just because; they spoke the truth and, demanded freedom for our people who are suffering repression.

-We will never forget all those killed by the arbitrary regime outside Eritrea (Sudan, Ethiopia etc…) through the sordid plots.
 -We will never forget the refugees who have been deprived from returning to the homeland.               
-We will never forget the torture and oppression, which done to the Eritrean people .We cannot AFFORD FORGETTING. OUR MEMORY IS SOLID AND WE WILL KEEP THE past tragedies and sorrows of our people IN THE HISTORY BOOK UNTILL JUSTICE IS DONE   we will    prevail for sure and we will   live in harmony in our country of the tender.

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